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Inexpensive flights to Cape Town are now available for a limited period! Discount flights to Paris AIRFARES CONDITIONS: Security charge of up to $5.00 for each air travel sector originated from a U.S. airfield;

passenger cell charges of up to $18 per route; federal sector charges of up to $3.90 per sector; carrier aviation supplements of up to $800; international and U.S. air travel A air travel sector is defines as one take-off and one land.

In the event that the indicated price is not available, different tariffs and/or different companies may be available. Each of the logo's of the companies that may be depicted reflects the ticket operator for the recently seen and/or bought price. A number of operators provide travel routes, which includes code-share services with other operators, which includes overseas and/or chartered operators who operate turbo-props.

Where appropriate, each code share will be displayed immediately after a flight ticket enquiry on the results page of the flight. Luggage, seating allocations, meal and other items may be valid and must be paid for at check-in.

Discount flights to Cape Town

Inexpensive flights to Cape Town are now available for a restricted amount of tim! Cape Town International Airport is situated in the southeast of The Mother Town, 15 minutes by car from the center of the Cape Town International Airport. The Cape Town International Airport (CPT) operates a wide range of carriers, among them Southern African Airways, British Airways, Emirates and Qatar Airways as well as some well-known national carriers such as Mango, Kulula and FlySafair.

Flights from Johannesburg and Durban are well known. Capetown has many breathtaking attractions such as Table Mountain, one of the world' s most famous wonders of nature! Jump the masses, get more availabilities and experience a great equilibrium of great hotels and nice wheather by spending the fall months (March - May) in Cape Town.

Enthusiasts of the sea will spend a wonderful period in the mother town. Cruise picturesquely around Signal Hill on Strand Street towards Fresnaye Strand, or take the breathtaking Signal Hill-Table Mountain trail to the beloved Clifton and Camps Bay shores. At sunset, make your way to the tempting and thrilling downtown pubs, diners, cafes and nightspots, especially the famed Long Street.

Southern Africans do not need a visum to travel to Cape Town. You should get all your regular immunizations before leaving for Cape Town. Keep alert as you explore Cape Town and you'll be well. If you are going to explore the footpaths, you should do so in a group.

Cape Town's downtown has a wide range of hotel, suite and lodge facilities. Among the most trustworthy facilities are The Grand Daddy Hotel, Town Lodge, Strand Tower Hotel and Harbour Bridge Hotel & Suite. If you want to see the nearby sights, you should use alternatives such as rent a van, taxi, minibus taxi and bus.

Rent a cars are available at the airports and in the town. The Metred taxi has a bright red plate on the top of the cab and clear information on the side with the ticket price and is usually a safer way to explore Cape Town. The MyCiti system allows you to travel from different places in the center of the Cape to the main sights around Cape Town.

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