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The Red Taxi offers taxi booking services via a mobile application. Red taxi in the App Store It will help to make cabin bookings easier and faster for you. This request can be used to book a cabin within 30 seconds. The home adress and the business adress can be stored during the enrollment procedure for further reservations. Pick your preferred vehicle, Red Taxi or Red GO, depending on your needs and availabilities.

Please click on Collection location: On the basis of your GPS/GPRS positioning service, the solution will identify the current position of the users.

This can be set as the pick-up destination or you can select a different pick-up destination by pointing the pointer to the required pick-up destination on the card. You can select the pick-up place manual by click on the "search symbol". 4c) Stored address: Home / office addresses that were stored during check-in and can be used to select pickup and return locations for further bookings.

4d ) Favorites: By clicking "Search Icon" the searcher can enter more than one address of commonly used places and it can be used to choose them as collection and return points for a fast reservation. Date & Time: Your current position and your pick-up date. Verify the reservation by clicking on "Book" after having checked the data input.

Reservation details: Once confirmed, a reservation ID is created and the closest taxi is allocated for your pick-up. Drivers and cabin detail is shown on the track page and SMS is sent to the recorded cell phone number along with the reservation ID. You can track the cabin position from the pick-up point and call the associated cabin operator by pressing the Call Operator pushbutton.

The storage location can be added or modified on thecking page. At the end of the journey, you will be notified that the journey has ended. Travel information and the amount to be payed are shown on the payments page. Payments can be made either by sending money to the rider or by using the payable Mallet.

Nine. a) Make your own money: Once you have decided to make the decision to make your payments via the PAYMTWallet, log in to PAYM using your personal access data and make your travel payments. The system informs you whether the transactions with paystm are successfull or not. As soon as the money has been paid, you will be asked to evaluate the rider.

You can view the detail and historical data of past trips under "Manage bookings". Click on "Fare" to estimate the price of a journey. You can enter the collection and return point detail, select the type of car, and click "Calculate" to obtain the estimate price.

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