Airfare to India

Fare to India

With our cheap airline tickets, money will be the last thing on your mind when planning your overcrowded India route. Are you looking for cheap flights and epic flight offers to India? India Best Travel Season - Indian Travel Peak and Off Season Guide - Free Travel Tips to India

We have three major travelling periods - Peak, Off-Peak and Shoulder (in between). Tariffs within these periods of the year differ and depend on the date. When you are agile in your trip data, there are definitely ways to get the best deal. Please note that during high saison and long weekend you should book well in ahead.

Certain airline companies even have a weekend supplement, i.e. Friday, Saturday and Sunday flights do not carry a supplement during the trip on Monday - Thursday. For trips to India, sales prices are generally quoted between 1 April - 30 May and 1 September - 31 October. The higher rates are available between 14 June - 14 July and 12 December - 24 December.

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Amritsar's climate is very similar to the other northwestern Indian towns, with warm summers and cool winters. Here you will find a lot of information about the city. For this reason, travelers should make reservations for a flight during the period they wish to use. From April to August, the main part of the year is very warm and arid, with a temperature of about 25°C, but it can possibly rise up to 43°C. The temperature can be as high as 25°C.

However, in the November to March winters, the temperature drops to around 4 to 19C. Freezing rainfall determines the honeymoon period between July and October, and while the temperature is bearable, the downpour can dampen the itineraries. The unpredictable nature of the downpour allows good deal-seekers to take advantage of low-cost air travel to Amritsar.

Amritsar, a beautiful country of culture and religions in the centre of the Indian state of Punjab, is known as the home of the Sikh people. Amritsar is home to one of the most important places of Sikhs: the Sikhs: Harmonandir Sahib, also known as the Golden temple. An absolute must for anyone who visits the town, the Golden Tempel was built in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and will remain a holy place for Sikhs who make regular pilgrimage to see this amazing water-locked sanctuary.

Harmandir Sahib's charming gold landmarks are not the only thing a visitor to Amritsar should admire. Walking through the old town and around the temple's historical doors and alleys, the visitor will find an intriguing selection of merchants and hawkers, the Jallianwala Bagh Gardens and its tall monuments, a tribute to the hundred Indians who died during the Jallianwala Bagh 1919 war.

A further intriguing spectacle for the visitor is the nightly parade along the Wagah boundary, the only street boundary between India and neighboring Pakistan. Both the Sikh civilization and India's past seem to flow from every aspect of Amritsar, as do the miraculous aromas of traditional cooking. Once you have enjoyed the cultural life, you should devote your free moments to discovering Amritsar and its delicious food.

Guests who don't want to take the trouble to explore the Amritsar roads by themselves can rent a car with their own chauffeur to make their journey much more convenient. Bike and car rickshaw are abundant and the actual means of transport if you are not going on foot, but remember that the price of this relatively inexpensive chauffeur services should be arranged in advance.

Stadtbusses are restricted, although they run a free line from the railway to the famous Golden Temple. However, since the town is so easy to explore on walking, many people find it easy to get to their destination on easy walking. Amritsar will be Sri Guru Ram Das Jee Internacional airport (ATQ), about 11 km from the town.

Generally, tourists organise a cab which takes them to Amritsar in 15 to 20 minutes.

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