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Philippine Airlines - Promo Tickets & Seating Sales These are the latest promo tariffs and Philippine Airline departures for the years 2018 to 2019. See the detailed information below to see the promo schedules, booking modalities and goals contained. Per Tip - See low cost rates even without promotion by checking the rates of several carriers. Please click below to find all low cost flights:

Don't neglect to sign up for e-mail notifications if no Philippine Airline promo fare is available today. Our notifications are selected directly from airline and tour operators to ensure they are accurate. Phillipine Airline, known as Philippine Airline (PAL), is the Philippines' premier full-service airline. Even though it is not a low cost airline, you should still have your own listing of places where you can search for low cost airfare.

Reasonable rates are often simple to use. Sometimes the rates are even lower than with cheap carriers like Cebu Pacific & AirAsia. Philippine Airlines' lowest cost flight is offered during advertising hours and seatsales. Among the promotions that are most frequently used are "PALmazing weekend sale", "50% off" and "75% off". As a rule, the best are published during a big public day, such as Philippine Independence Day, PAL Anniversary Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, etc.

The airline does not advertise as often as low-cost carriers. However, in this case these rebates should be considered because of the generally higher level of the airline's services. It is also the best option for non-other airline services, which include national services to Batanes. Internationally, we fly to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and London.

There'?s no promo today, what do we do next? Subscribe to the Philippine Airline Newsletters and join the airlines' online community to make sure you don't miss the next promo up-date. Just select a location and see the latest warnings from a number of carriers. On these pages you can review and collate the tariffs of several carriers in one single query.

Launch your quest on Momondo, Dohop, Wego or see all price comparision websites. Don't neglect to review low -cost tickets and seats sold by other carriers flying similar itineraries. These include Cebu Pacific, AirAsia and TigerAir as well as Singapore Airline, Cathay Pacific, & Jetstar and other carriers. And if we forgot a promotion, try searching for it later.

Selling seats and discounts are easily found if you know where to look. And if we forgot a promotion, try searching for it later. Selling seats and discounts are easily found if you know where to look. Phillipine Airlines Mobile Services - The best place to find promo update information is the airlines' Facebook area.

Philippine Airlines is anxious to offer exclusively discounted tickets for large trade fairs and congresses. Be sure to follow the timetables of the trade fairs when you are in Metro Manila. Phillipine Airlines Newsletters - Subscribe to the Philippine Airlines Newsletters if you would like to receive the latest news by e-mail.

Phillippine Airlines Website - Almost all promotional rates are published on The current advertisement can be found on the page "Promos". Nearly all sales warnings and proclamations are published on the Philippine Airlines website and online in the Philippine Airlines online community. Stage 2 - Go to the "Offers" / "Special offers" page. "Here you will find a listing of link to each notice with detail on discounts, rates, booking options and other important information.

When you find a cheap rate you would like to reserve, you can use the field Find ticket and fill in your itinerary. Phillipine Airlines has different methodologies for booking airfares. One of the most common ways is to make an on-line booking through their website and portable application.

It is also possible to buy your tickets through the reservation helpline, ticket sales outlets and tourist agents. Here is a step-by-step instruction for making your Philippine Airlines reservations online: Stage 1 - Go to to launch your flightsearch. Stage 2 - Type your trip information into the Air Trip Finder located on the Book your trip page.

Choose your destination (departure and destination airports), trip data, cabine category (all categories or businesses ), passengers, promo codes (if available). Stage 3 - Click on the "Search flights" or "Search" buttons to go to the results page. Stage 4 - Choose your tickets by selecting the fare you wish to use.

When you want to make a round trip reservation, you should first choose your outbound trip, then you should choose to go down and choose your round trip. 5 - Reserve your ticket by following the directions on the display. You can find more information in the Philippine Airlines Advertising and Reservation Guidelines. Promotional rates are only available under the terms stated in the notice.

Sales time - You should make your flight reservations before the sales time expires. Travelling Time - Promo rates are only available for data on or within the travelling time. What is the price of a single or round-trip ticket? Posting canal on which the sales promotion can be used. Promotional promo if available.

When a promotion can be purchased on-line, the best way to verify availability is to perform a direct air ticket enquiry on the airline's website or via the portable application. Promo bookings should be almost the same as those for scheduled bookings. Please note that they also provide promotional rates that are not available for on-line bookings and can only be used for specific occasions such as trade fairs.

Subject to the terms and condition stated in the notice, reservations can only be made on-line through PAL's regular reservation channel. This includes the website, the portable application, the call centre or the ticket offices. Please note that third parties, even if they are Philippine Airlines affiliates or Philippine Airlines-accredited, may not have full entitlement to all specials.

Be ahead of other books by making your flight reservations as soon as possible. However, the airline also restricts advertising space on certain occasions and seldom offers it on black-out days, which can involve peaks such as public holiday, festivals and other important travel date events. If you cannot find the promotional rates listed on the notice, you can take these hints to verify whether an action is counterfeit or not:

Ensure that the promotion has not yet elapsed. Verify that your selected trip date matches the trip date specified in the Notice. Review rates on other occasions, perhaps a few weeks to a few weeks before or after your scheduled trip. Review fares for other air services and locations listed in the promo notice.

As a rule, Philippine Airlines will advertise "all-in" rates on their classified ad. They do not cover additional services such as check-in luggage, meal, travel insurances and may not cover charges and tax for departures from certain airport locations. How can I find promo code & vouchers? Advertising and voucher code should be contained in the notice along with other important detail.

Phillipine airlines (PAL) is an airline and one of the most important in the Philippines. The airline operates more than 30 national and more than 40 intercontinental services, as well as services not operated by other carriers. It is a full-service airline that sets itself apart from other large Philippine carriers, Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Philippines, which are both low-cost carriers.

PAL's air hub services are Manila-Ninoy Aquino Airport and Cebu-Mactan Airport. There are also a number of non-stop intercontinental services from Kakibo Airport and a number of non-stop intercontinental services from Iloilo Airport. Filipino carriers fly to all important Philippines airfields. The airline has the second largest airline nationwide after Cebu Pacific.

In addition to the operation of an expansive Filipino domestic airline system, Philipine also serves key Asian and Ocean metropolitan areas as well as long-haul routes to North America and Europe. Both carriers' combined airline networks include over 20 national Philippines and 30 intercontinental routes in Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, North America and Australia.

If you are traveling to these places, you should know that these are the particular features and distinct itineraries that make your tripable: PAL: Inland flight within the Philippines. It is the only large PH airline to offer regular services on these routes: Int. flight from/to the Philippines. It is the only large PH airline to offer regular services on these routes:

While Cebu Pacific also operates services to Narita International Airport, Philippine Airlines is the only PH airline offering non-stop services to Haneda, closer to Tokyo City Center. Most of the trips are between the Philippines and Oceania, especially Australia: It is the only large PH airline offering long-haul services to Europe and North America:

Phillipine is a generally secure airline with which you can travel. Travelers can look forward to better service in comparison to Philippine low-cost carriers such as Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Philippines. These are pages you can view for airline and traveller reviews: Philippine Miles ( ) is a frequently travelled airline of Philippine Airline.

Whenever you travel with an airline, you can collect frequent flyer mileage for free travel or to upgrade classes of services. It is possible to make reservations by phoning the reservation hotline available at these locations:

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