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Taxi Careem

Ignore parking, traffic, car rental or waiting for a taxi. You can download Careem now to ensure smooth transport. The Careem app helps commuters in Dubai to find rental cars. As of today you can book a Dubai taxi through Careem.

Driving by car or driving with care in a few moments.

If you are a client coming from A to Ba, or a master sitting behind the steering wheels, our aim is to move you to a better life. Offer full and part-time jobs to more than 500,000 skippers to help their family. Our skippers enable more than 20 million workers in the area to come to work every day.

With our strong momentum, we have been able to grow in the area and jump across continences. Look into the life of captains and colleagues around the world through realistic tales.

Use Careem - Auto Reservation Apartment

Avoid having to park, drive, rent a van, wait for a taxi or a coach. To ensure smooth transport, please do not hesitate to dowload Careem now. Which makes Careem great: - BOOKING a trip is simpler than raising your hand to call a taxi. - Hailing Careem's Hide Horse can be used to reserve a trip for immediate pick-up - think of going to the shops or going on a day's work - or to plan a trip for later, which is a great way to get to the terminal on a timely basis.

  • This app offers a price estimation and allows you to follow the skipper (we call him our captain) in near-realtime. This is a function you won't find on most taxi rides. You still calling? Avoid driving around in a circle with a taxi or taxi shuttle any more. Their cheap trip is only a few steps away.

Transporting with Careem is child's play: 1. get the application. With our automatic Ninja tracking system, your position is more accurate than a taxi. It' a more versatile alternative than a taxi. Select your drop-off point for a price estimation. Touch'YALLA!' and you will immediately receive a full acknowledgement with your captain's data and whereabouts.

Follow your journey in near-fidelity. You' re not going to get paid until the trip is over. Careem's 24/7 auto reservation services are available in key towns around MENA, Pakistan and Turkey including Dubai, Lahore, Karachi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, Beirut, Islamabad, Istanbul and many more. Please go to to see if we are active in your town.

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