Airplane Rental Oklahoma

Aircraft rental Oklahoma

Did you ever dream of flying through the beautiful skies of Oklahoma? He serves all of northeast Oklahoma! Sundance Flight Academy Contact Learning to Flight at the Sundance Fellowship. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to plan your discovery trip. The majority of pupils make their first single flights after completing 8 to 12 flying lessons with a certified instructor.

Bonuses during this period include lower tuition costs, as less tuition is required that is directly related to the CFI.

All our FCIs work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure that the client and their schedules are in place, regardless of the level of education. done_all What does it take to obtain a private pilot license? The Sundance Academy trainer planes are completely refurbished, Piper Cherokee 140 and 150. Improve your flying skills and your flying know-how with simulation tutorials using the state-of-the-art Redbird FMX Simulator from Sundance Air Academy.

Redbird simulation sets the standards for simulation training. This full movement carriage emulator is equipped with wrap-around screen to enable a simulation that is as close to reality as possible. The Sundance FMX can be configured for a single-engine piper or a multi-engine piper. See at first hand how to fly, with practical training during a 30-minute discovery trip.

Start with one of our FAA-certified instructors to gain the flying pleasure you need. The Sundance Aviation Academy provides FAA Part 61 trainings. The typical duration of flying education is at least 40 flying hrs, including 20 flying hrs with one trainer and 20 flying hrs alone.

The Sundance Flight Academy provides FAR Part 61.65 trainings. Lessons include 130 full hour lessons, including 40 hour instruments practice. Each Sundance Flight Academy Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) or Certified Flight Instructor Tool (CFII) is available to run the Flight Academy for prospective flyers. There is no FAR Part 61 requirement for primary education, but there is a set of information to be included in the CFI or CFII.

The Sundance Fellowship Academy keeps its cost competitiveness among other flying academies in Oklahoma. Certified IFR $150 /h. Minimum requirements for Mandate Review. Lessons used for a review are set by the pupil and the teacher. No matter if you haven't been flying for a while or just want the comforts of an experienced trainer to brush up on your flying abilities, our trainer can help you get back in the air.

The Sundance Academy offers flights of at least one hours depending on available space. The Sundance Aviation Academy hires its planes for $150 per 1h ( at least one hour) and "wet", which means that the airplane is fully fuelled and the rental prices include petrol. If your air fare consumes more propellant than the mean propellant consumption for your rental period, you may incur extra propellant costs.

For the flat-rate hire period purchases rebate tariffs apply. The Sundance Flight Academy's aviation rental policy requires liability:

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