Air Taxi Sri Lanka Cost

Sri Lanka Air Taxi Cost

Helicopter Transfer Sri Lanka Enjoy the breath-taking Sri Lankan scenery from the air without the hassle of traffic. The Lakpura Travels offer the best in Ceylon holidays by providing the best in Ceylon by air taxi (helicopter) and the most comfortable hotels available. It has always been a favourite holiday spot with a variety of attractions, noises and flavours, from the jungle to the foggy peaks of the mainland.

Timetables will be based on the needs of passengers and the airlines' schedules. To ensure the comfort and security of passengers, the airplane will only be used in natural light and good meteorological condition. Reservations can be made for international departures within 36 working days of notification, depending on the available planes and crews and the resources released.

We may need at least 72 hrs for chartering internationally. Please call us at least one (!) weeks prior to your date for a larger selection of planes and pricing option. We do not need any ticket for our airfares, we just need the data of the customer like name, country, date of origin and number.

You will be informed of the necessary information before your departure. Name, nationality and pass numbers of the travellers are needed before the trip. Personal baggage weights + baggage weights and measurements necessary before confirming the trip. Servicing times are from 6.30 to 18.00 every day and depend entirely on meteorological condition. No refunds will be given once a reservation has been confirmed.

Check that all travelers are covered. This Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter is only suitable for 4 people. Airline has the right to postpone, prolong, postpone or terminate a scheduled air service for operating conditions - adverse atmospheric conditions, VVIP movement or other similar situation beyond Airline's direct reasonable controls.

The Carrier shall under no circumstance be held or be held liable for any inaccuracies, misdescriptions, detentions, delays, losses, damages, illness, extra costs or injuries and any damages of any kind arising with passengers, property or luggage at any point in forever.

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