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Minneapolis Airport Shuttle, Type III (School Transport), Non-Emergency Medical. Explore the wide range of transportation services offered by the Executive Taxi and Transportation Service. Do you need a taxi service in Saint Cloud, MN? The hours and days when we cover your transportation needs, including taxi, limousine, parcel delivery, emergency medical care and accessible service.

Minneapolis Airport Transport Taxi Service

A 24-hour service, seven nights a week, 365 nights a year (including evening, weekend and public holidays). Order a taxi for immediate delivery or book it. Please call one of the above numbers or click here to book a taxi on-line. All our chauffeurs are very kind and willing to take advantage of our service to pay with your bank card, bank card, cash and company accounts.

A company bank statement allows you to invoice all your transport enquiries directly and thus reduce the cost to staff, visitors and customers of payment for their taxis. More than 1,300 companies already have company bank balances with our company, among them almost all large employers in the Twin Cities area. Further information on opening a company bank can be found here.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of an international taxi for your journey home from the airports. Just pick up your bags and call our service from the check-in area. You will then find your taxi in the "Pre-Arranged Taxi" area within 3-5 min after your call. Please click here for details on how to pick up your car from MSPAport.

Our company has a significant class III class coach population. According to state regulations, our (Type III schoolbus) operators have the same educational, body, drugs and backgrounds as a Class A, B, C or DB operator. Furthermore, Class III rolling stock undergoes the same test routines as a Schoolbus.

Many of our chauffeurs comply with the state's first assistance requirements for non-urgent health transport. This is the only 24/7/365 on-demand chair service in the region. Driver and vehicle are STS ( Special Transportation Services) certificated. Please click here for more information about our Rollchair-Can-Service. This allows a facility to order a taxi without ever having to speak to an operating company, which saves the calling party precious amount of and frustrating hours spent awaiting the wait to speak to an operating company.

Driver can collect a parcel for immediate shipment. The usual taxi fares shall be applicable. We can work with you to co-ordinate your transport needs for a specific occasion or corporate celebration. There are many service choices available, ranging from a basic transfer of your meeting, to our shipping service, to custom taxis for your meeting, to a delivered welcoming person to arrange transportation for your guest.

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