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Booking low cost airline tickets for the most important airlines The $10 rebate only covers our merchant commission. The above rates are valid after 10 US$ immediate rebate. Minimum rebate amount is the amount of merchant fee for this merchant account or 10 US$, whichever is less. Certain discounts and other promotional rates may not be available for this immediate rebate campaign.

Specify the promotional code when checking out. Promo code promoted grants discount on our services charges on specified itineraries. The Promo Code and Instant Save offerings can be used in combination up to the amount of our services charges. Surplus cost reductions are not used. The promotion code will expire on the date specified and may be revoked at any moment without prior warning.

Immediate saving rebate is valid for our default services charges as well. Available on all departures. You can combine the promotional codes offering with the immediate saving offering so that the cost reductions do not outweigh our current services charges. Notice: All rates shown are per capita in US$, inclusive of tax and our services charges.

Please click here to see a summary of our tax and fee structure. Because of our relationships with our many vendors, our rates can sometimes be better than the advertised default rates. Rates are based on available space and are changeable without prior notification. None of the rates shown have been reviewed for unavailability, so the rate may not be available.

Pursuant to the US Airline Deregulation Act, Open Sky Agreements and successive codes, the reduction on airline tickets is now legally valid. Remember that charges for services are calculated above the prices and tax rates quoted and/or agreed. Value of rebate may differ depending on rate category available, seasonal nature, recommendation origin and destination.

Cheap flights from Beijing to Shanghai

Your chosen ticketing method is restricted. Enter your trip information and find reduced fare Beijing-Shanghai flight. Find easy flight options and make reservations Beijing-Shanghai flight arrangements. Comparison of real-time fares offered by different carriers makes it easy to find the best flight from Beijing to Shanghai.

Find the best flight offer from Beijing to Shanghai by flight hour, flight departures, flight arrivals, flight durations or fare. The above mentioned values are in 24-hour timeframe. The above flight information is provided by China Civil Aviation Information Network Co, Ltd.

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