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Lars Erik Nielsen (Founder and Chief Executive Officer). Trans Maldivian Airways or Maldivian Air Taxi flights are available. Waterplane transfer to Maldives The majority of travelers in the Maleives are far more likely to use the service of the two Trans Maldivian charters (

mv), which operate tourist flights from the seaport next to Male International Airport to destinations throughout the Maldive Islands. They operate 18-seater DeHavilland Twin Otter sea planes under contracted to Maldive resort operators.

Sea plane transportation takes place in natural light and offers stunning views of the atoles, islets, coral beds and lakes. Costs range from $250 to $450 returns, dependent on travel distances and business between locations, and are generally covered by the bundle rate. When there is an optional boating shuttle, or you are a composite passenger, the floatplane will be billed as a supplement.

We can arrange charters for sight-seeing, photographic and contingency rescue. Please call both to find out prices and availabilities.

Prices Air Taxi from Male to Kuramathi - Kuramathi Forum

How can I find the air taxi tariff? There was no Maledivian Air Taxi I could find, so I sent Kuramathi an e-mail and they reserved it for me. Kuramathi needs you to send an e-mail with your dates of flights, your name, etc. to Kuramathi. Flights last 15 minutes instead of 90 minutes by ferry.

Actually I was booking my air taxi when I was booking the vacation, it only cost 70.00 for the trip back. Do I have a booking with a Swindon Tourist Agency that you can always call? On 01793 533111 he book it through Kuoni while we were there... good fortune, let me know how you are.

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