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Shuttle to airport (only valid in Phoenix), our taxi fares are: Cabin price from airport - Nassau Forum What do I have to charge for a cab from the airport to Melia Resort on Cable Beach? Taxis are set by statute and are published in the airport terminals. You have an idea about our election of Melia? And Melia has made many upgrade and converted to an all-inclusive file system.

I did not stay in Nassau as I am living in Nassau, but in other Melias in Cuba and Spain and had a good time. I' ve been eating in some of the Nassau Melia places and can say that the meal is good and with a good diversity. The BahaMar is next to it and is still under building, but it should not be a problem for the Melia-visitors.

It'?s interesting that Melia switched to all-inclusive. You know how much a cabin fare costs from the airport to Compass Point? I have also heard that if you take a cab from the city centre back to Compass Point, you should take an "approved taxi". Can you please give all the information about what the "licensed taxis" Sneaky are, it should be about $16-18.

"Authorized taxis" are simple - just look for a licence number starting with NP. Every taxi registered must have this sign. Touring automobiles with a TC sign are the only exceptions. The SD means self-propelled car hire, and a normal sign with all yellow numbers on a clear backdrop is only suitable for normal use.

Ask the coachman whether they drive to the compass point - not all of them. There is a central stop next to McDonald's and opposite the British Colonial Hilton. To take a Compass Point coach, just be on the same side of the block as the motel and mark a passing coach (#12 and sometimes a #10 goes downtown). The busses stop around 6pm so you'll need a cab at nights.

On another bulletin board I was reading that you said that the inner city of Nassau is quite dark/quiet at nights. In the city centre we were considering having dinner and listen ing to music/ maybe dance a little - do you have suggestions for some midnight life - we are in the 1930s so we are not looking for a young partyscene.

From the airport to the Britsh colonial hotels, what is the trade show with a recognised cab Christmas workweek? These are the authorized fares. Nassau airport in Nassau city centre is 27 dollars for two plus a tip. Thank you very much for the answer and the taxis tariff links. 00, happy that we can anticipate less, with a registered cab with NP-Platte.

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