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Discover the possibilities, book excursions, check in and move effortlessly over airports. Use of Alaska Air Fares Help us by registering for affiliate credits that bring us a fee. Help us by registering for affiliate credits that bring us a fee. Alaska Air for 50,000 Leagues. The highest bonuses I've seen on the Alaska Air map.

In addition to the low $1,000 spend within 3 month, it is spent by the Bank of America, which means you do not need to apply for another bank account from Chase, American Express and Barclays. You could at least reach 50,000 Alaska air miles: There may be some people not used to Alaska Airlines, so here are 10 ways to use 50,000 Alaska Airlines mileage.

If, for example, you buy an Alaska Airlines $250 pass, you can spend 10,000 mileage to deduct $100 from the fare. That way, you end up spending $150 and 10,000 leagues on your flight. Using 20,000 mileage will only cost you $125 because you can only get a 50% off the cost of the tickets.

However, if you buy a $400+ fare you can use 20,000 mileage to deduct $200 from the fare! They' d be paying ~$584 to take Alaska Air from Seattle to Maui on February 6, 2014. Traveling the same way would only cost you ~$384 + 20,000 mile if you use Money & Mileage.

You' d be saving $200 money and getting a value of 1 penny per Alaska Airile for every Alaska Airile. A reward to Hawaii with Alaska Airlines usually sells for 40,000 nautical miles, but if there are no reward tickets when you want to go, you can still use your mileage to reduce that!

Use Money & Mail on any Alaska Airlines prepaid reservations, whether within the country, Hawaii, Mexico or Alaska. You don't have to be worried about the availability of reward slots with your tickets with your frequent flier and you accumulate mileage on your prepaid tickets! Alaska Airlines will ship your Alaska Airlines Credential with a yearly accompanying travel coupon that will be redeemable for one year.

It can be used on any bus fare purchased from Alaska Airline. It cannot be used on a flight that has been chartered with a sponsoring airline (such as American Airlines) or on a code-share flight operated by a sponsoring airline. Both of these travelers are earning mileage on these fares! Accompanying vouchers can be redeemed for a round trip or a single journey.

If you have an Alaska Airline debit or debit card, we will send you one accompanying gift certificate per year. Every accompanying coupon will expire after one year, but you can book your flight in the near term as long as you book your ticket before the coupon expiry date. In order to find your accompanying coupon, log into your Alaska Airlines bankroll.

It is essential that you book your flight before the expiry of the accompanying coupon. The Accompanying Coupon may be used for travel made after the Accompanying Coupon's expiry date, but must be purchased prior to the coupon's expiry date. Click on "SHOP" to use your accompanying coupon to find a flight for 2 persons.

On September 12, 2014 I found a non-stop flight from Sacramento to Maui. That can be a great value if you need to go traveling when reward passes may not be available, such as Hawaii in high seasons. Most important limitations with the accompanying coupon are that you can only use Alaska Airlines and that you can only book one bus pass.

One of the "secret" ways to make savings on Hawaii flight costs! Alaska Air Miles is a great way to travel with other airline companies! Álaska is not in an airline alliances, but they have formed alliances with many carriers, inclusive: Rewards can be booked with Alaska Airline's airline partners for $12.50 per trip or $25 for a return trip.

It is a small charge, but premiums purchased through Alaska do not have additional charges (except for British Airways flights). With Alaska Air miles you can travel with Alaska Air as well as with many other airline companies! Let us look at some of the rewards bookings on Alaska Air.

Earn Alaska Points for simple rewards. Book one-way rewards on one of Alaska Airline's affiliate carriers. If you book your affiliate rewards internationally, you can also make a one-way-stop! Admittedly, one-way bonuses at Delta and Korea Air prices at roundtrip level. Meaning you are paying the full round-trip fare for a single premium on Delta or Korea Air.

If you book a Affiliate Reward Pass, you can only have ONE affiliate carrier in each one-way flight plus Alaska Airlines.

If, for example, you want to travel from Dallas to Hong Kong in one way, you cannot use American Airlines and Cathay Pacific in combination, as this affects 2 Alaska Airlines affiliates (American Airlines & Cathay Pacific). If you use only one of our airlines in each destination, you can join forces with our travel agencies for a round-trip premium.

You can, for example, go to Los Angeles to Seoul with Alaska Airlines and Delta. American Airlines can then take you back from Seoul to Los Angeles because you only have one airline in each driving lane! Since the voyage has delta in one destination, it will charge half the outward and return fare for a delta premium to Asia.

One half of the 60,000 mile standard outward and return fare is 30,000 mile for the outward journey via Delta and Alaska. A return flight with American Airlines would be 32,500 mile, as this is the prize for an American Airlines reward from Japan or Korea during the main normaleseason. Your reward package totals 62,500 mileage.

D. Can I book affiliate rewards? Most affiliate rewards can be purchased on-line at To book rewards on Cathay Pacific or LAN, you must call Alaska Airlines at 800-252-7522 between 5:00 a.m. and Midnight Pacific Time. You' ll have to charge a $15 charge for all honors posted on the telephone.

Keep in mind that affiliate prices also include a $12.50 charge for each one-way trip ($25 for a round trip). If you book by telephon, this is in excess of the call charge. Thus, the charges for the above reward tickets to and from Asia with Alaska Air, Delta and American Airlines would be $40 ($15 call charge + $25 affiliate reward charge).

One of Alaska's largest airline companies will charge $125 for changes and cancellation made within 60 business days of the trip. It is a very customer-friendly airline charter which of course other carriers will not do! There are 12,500 Alaska airline mileage fees for a one-way fare in Business Day within the 49 Continental United States and Canada.

These include trips to Alaska, which can sometimes be costly. Like the name says, Alaska Airlines has many flight connections to Alaska! Earn Alaska Points for simple rewards. When you book a reward that is only valid on Alaska Airlines services, you can make a free stoppingover on a national route.

However, it would only take 25,000 Alaska-mile + $10 to make similar flight on the same day! Since you can make 1 stop on each one-way street if you only use Alaska Airlines, you can make 2 stops on this round tour. Stopping on unilateral inland premiums is a great advantage for those living in or near towns with many Alaska Airlines services, especially on the western coasts of towns such as Seattle, Portland, Anchorage, Los Angeles, San Diego or the Bay Area.

Plan a one stop stop in your home town and mix two journeys into a one way reward! Here is a Travel Codex article that explains how to book home stays with Alaska Airline. Here is a listing of all Alaska Air and its partner airline companies. Air Alaska is flying to more US towns than I thought at first!

50,000 mile = 2 national return tickets for American Airlines and Delta! Alaska Air Mileage awards can also be booked for flights on American Airlines. One way on a bus is still 12,500 mile per way, but you wouldn't get any stops on a local distinction.

When you book a reward that involves Delta, you must book a round trip for 25,000 mileage. This way you could take Delta in one way and American in the other to get a Round-Trip Awardwinning. Can I book American Airlines & Delta Award? Book these distinctions on-line! Alaska Air website is very good and you don't even need to be signed in to your Alaska Air bank to look for reward tickets!

Alaska Air Fares can only be used for booking Savers or Low Levels Rewards. It is the same as "Mile Saver" on the American Airlines website and "Low Saver" on the Delta website. Alaska Air Kilometres for a 1-way flight to Hawaii for a Coaching Savers Levels Achievement.

At Alaska Airlines, the prize of some Hawaii Airlines will be changed on January 14, 2014, but the bus savings prizes will NOT be changed. Pricing for a simple bus ride option (more availability) will rise from 27,500 to 30,000 mile. Plus, the cost of a single First Class reward to Hawaii will go up from 37,500 to 40,000 mile.

Alaska Airlines unexpectedly has many departures to Hawaii. Keep in mind that you can reach these towns from other Alaska Air destinations on the above chart under #4. If you book a flight to Hawaii with only Alaska Airlines, you will receive a one-way bonus for a short break.

It is good tidings for those who are living in or near Hawaiian towns (such as San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Bellingham and Anchorage). Mix a home flight to your home city with a flight to Hawaii in a one way reward! When you book a reward to Hawaii that covers Delta travel, you are paying 40,000 mile for a roundtrip and are unable to make a break.

Plus, you are paying the $12.50 Affiliate Reward Charge in each theater. When you book an Hawaii Reward that incorporates American Airlines travel, it costs 22,500 mile per trip on the bus and you cannot make any intermediate stops. That' slightly more than the number of mileage for Delta travel, but American Airlines has a much better premium to Hawaii uptime!

Also, you are paying the $12.50 affiliate bonus charge in each theater. So what if you booked an Hawaii reward that uses Delta One-Way and American Airlines for the other way? Since you book Delta as only half a return journey, you would be paying half the Delta return fare of 20,000 mile.

That other one-way on American would be 22,500 mile. Combined awards for Hawaii flights Delta One-Way and American One-Way would result in a total of 42,500 Alaska Airlines mileage + $30 for the affiliate fare + all applicable international fees ($5 to $10 on a round trip domestic). 50,000 Meilen = Asia 1-Way in Business Class & India or Africa 1-Way in Coach on Cathay Pacific!

With Alaska Airlines, you can make great use of your Cathay Pacific mileage. Cathay Pacific offers Alaska Airlines mileage booking and a convenient Hong Kong break with a simple reward! It' only 30,000 mile per bus ride to Asia. 50,000 mile is enough for a simple Business Class reward to Asia on the Cathay Pacific.

On the Alaska Air website you cannot look for Cathay Pacific services, but you can look for them on the British Airways website or on the JAL website. Then note the flight information and call Alaska Air to book these flight! Cathay Pacific also covers Asia: Please note that Cathay Pacific affiliate company Dragonair is NOT a member of Alaska Airlines, so you cannot book your flight with Cathay Pacific mileage.

Alaska Airlines mileage can be used to travel Cathay Pacific to Africa/Middle East/India including: 50,000 mileage is enough for a simple Economy Class reward from North America to Johannesburg, South Africa with a short stop in Hong Kong! Although not necessarily a competitively priced one, it is a good choice for people who want to travel 2 different continences with an honor.

An astonishing value with Alaska Airlines mileage is the First Class on Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific First Class flies from North America to Asia for 70,000 mile. Cathay Pacific can be flown from a number of locations in North America including: Alaska Airlines offers you the possibility to combine the same reward tickets with bold printed destinations.

Check the chart in #4 above for a listing of towns served by Alaska Air. How could Alaska Air Jones be better for premiums on Cathay Pacific? Cathay Pacific rewards can also be booked with America Airlines mileage. However, if you use Cathay Pacific to earn America Airlines mileage, you can only stop at your US gateway town, but NOT in Hong Kong.

In addition, you would be paying for 2 premiums if you used American Airlines air miles to travel Cathay Pacific to a goal like Japan. Received 1 distinction from the USA to Hong Kong and another from Hong Kong to Japan. Use Alaska Airlines air mileage to travel with Cathay Pacific an easy route to India, the Middle East or South Africa, which you could not achieve with American Airlines air mileage with a bonus.

Australasia or New Zealand & Fiji for 40,000 Leagues One Way by Bus! From Honolulu and Los Angeles, Fiji Airways (formerly known as Air Pacific) operates flights to Fiji and on to Australia and New Zealand. From the USA you can travel to Fiji, make a short stop and then travel on to Australia or New Zealand for the same fare in mile.

While Fiji Airways is also a member of American Airlines, you cannot make a transit stop in Fiji using American Airlines mileage. However, you can make a stop in Fiji if you use Alaska mileage! It can be hard to find BusiClass, but Los Angeles EconomiClass award is widespread.

If you are not living in Los Angeles, you can join Fiji Airways by booking Alaska Airways services from your home town to Los Angeles at no additional charge! Hongkong & Australia on the same Cathay Pacific Award! Not many non-stop services are available, and many carriers will not allow you to travel from the USA to Australia via Asia.

Alaska Airlines' air fares will take you from the USA to Australia via Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, and you can also make a short stop in Hong Kong. Keep in mind that Alaska Air also allows you to make stops at 1-way-rewards! Don't overlook that Alaska Airlines offers departures to Cathay Pacific in the USA.

Check the chart in #4 above for a listing of towns served by Alaska Air. Cathay Pacific can be flown from a number of locations in North America including: Join the above bold printed destinations and travel with Alaska Airlines on the same reward tickets at no additional charge in mileage!

Check the chart in #4 above for a listing of towns served by Alaska Air. The Alaska Airlines is the only U.S.-based miles programme that allows you to book Emirates travel. They can even make a stop in Dubai with one-way bonuses! My memory is that I had a backrest TV and many different sound and videocannels to select from on a flight to Emirates over 10 years ago!

Emerirates operates services to Dubai from many of North America's major airports, among them: Downtown Los Angeles and New York will be flying non-stop to Dubai with Airbus 380, which will include First Class shower facilities and a First and Business Class café. Alaska Airlines serves the bold printed towns so you can use Alaska to catch an emirate flight.

Join the above bold printed destinations and fly with Alaska Airlines on the same reward tickets at no additional charge in mileage! Check the chart in #4 above for a listing of towns served by Alaska Air. From Alaska you fly to Newark (EEA), so you would have to travel from Newark to New York Airport (JFK) to get to Emirates.

As Alaska Airlines is flying to Reagan National Airport in Washington (DCA), you need to get to Dulles Airport (IAD) to link with Emirates. Emirates Award can be searched and booked on the Alaska Air website! There are one-way premiums between South America and the Middle East or India: One-way premiums are available between Africa and Northern America:

With each of these distinctions you can make a stop in Dubai! It is also possible to book a flight to Asia on the Emirates with a stop in Dubai. By spending $2,500 on your Alaska Airlines Credential ( with the 50,000 loyalty miles) you will earn 52,500 mileage. That' s enough for a simple coaching accolade to Asia with a stop in Dubai.

From North America to Europe you can book a flight with a stop in Dubai. It' 47,500 Alaska air mile for a one-way bus ride. However, a bus ride back from the USA to Europe usually cost only 60,000 mile from United or American Airlines. I wouldn't pay 47,500 nautical miles for a SINGLE bus flight on Emirates from the USA to Milan.

Do you need more Alaska Airlines mileage? Alaska Airlines has 51,000 Alaska Airlines mileage after you meet the $1,000 spend request for the Alaska Air Cards. When you need more Alaska airline mileage, you can deposit your Starswood points into your Alaska Airlines bankroll. Money transferred from your STARWOLD HOUSE to Alaska will be transferred at a 1:1 rate, but if you transferred 20,000 STARWOLD points, you will receive 25,000 Alaska mileage.

That means 1 STARWOLD HOUSE points = 1.25 Alaska mile. She also shows that after completion of the claim for the 50,000 Alaska Airlines mileage, the best map to make more Alaska Airlines mileage is actually the STARWOOD HOUSE CLASSIC. That' because you can potentially earn 1. 25 Alaska mile per buck on daily issues.

Plenty of ways to use 50,000 Alaska mileage! They can have at least 2 inland buses, 1 bus tour to Hawaii and almost enough Alaska airline mileage to travel with Cathay Pacific and Emirates international.

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