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Seventeen ways to earn Alaska miles for maximum [2018

Delivering outstanding services, Alaska Airways provides a powerful connection between North America and the Pacific Northwest, which of course encompasses Alaska. In addition, they have added value to their reward collection option by providing an additional stop-over on their own routes and by partnering with selected carriers. Continue reading to find out more about how you can use your Alaska Airline FFP miles for great reward trips!

Oneworld is not part of an airline group. Consequently, they were able to select which carriers they wished to work with. This means that you can use your Alaska Miles in many great ways! Use your miles from the Alaska Mileage Schedule to make reservations with all of the following points:

Please be aware that you must call Alaska Airline at 800-252-7522 to make premium flight reservations with some of the above mentioned carriers. You will need to call for example to make reservations on Cathay Pacific and LAN. Alaskaair. com is the most common booking service for the remainder of the airline group. You have the option of redeeming miles from the miles schedule by choosing "Use miles" when checking for uptime.

Note: Alaska Airlines Mileage Plans intra-Asian premiums on Cathay Pacific, Hainan Airlines and Japan Airlines must be prebooked at least 72 hrs in advance from February 14, 2018 onwards. You can earn Alaska Mileage Map miles by registering for your Bank of America co-branded debit card. Alaska' s Fidelity Programme provides great one-way ticket opportunities that can be used to book strategic one-way travel to 2 locations with the same number of miles it takes to get to 1.

If you are looking for award availabilities on affiliate travel, just look for your appointments with the "Use miles" checkbox enabled. These are 17 proposals that maximise the value of your miles from the miles chart on both Alaska and airline partners...especially for those of you flying either the business or first-class!

Alaska' s most thrilling and best use of miles is to travel to Asia with Cathay Pacific First Classic. At only 70,000 miles you can enjoy this stunning premium quality aircraft with excellent in-flight services. When you connect at Cathay Pacific's Hong Kong Hub, you have the opportunity to explore 2 premium lounges:

Do you prefer your own personal touch to your own Business Class? Only 50,000 Alaska miles can be covered to travel to Asia on the Cathay Pacific. Bus passenger can also stop at one of several Cathay Pacific lounge facilities during a flight stop, such as The Bridge, an extraordinary way to unwind before or between a flight. In order to really get the most out of your Cathay Pacific experiences, consider using Alaska's stop-over guideline.

Stopping in Hong Kong on the way to your ultimate goal and enjoying 2 towns during your journey to Asia. It also means that you will probably be visiting the Cathay Pacific lounge! Read our step-by-step instructions for Cathay Pacific First-Class bookings. Tip: You can also travel Cathay Pacific by earning points on Asia Miles with American Express Membership Rewards.

American Express Premier Rewards gold cards are recommended, which earn you 3x points for direct airline bookings. How about if I tell you that Cathay Pacific first grade to South Africa is the same as Asia? Only 70,000 Alaska miles will get you to Johannesburg.

And if you choose, you can travel for only 62,500 miles in your preferred Traveler' s Package. Well, I'll be frank with you: the Hong Kong to Johannesburg plane has no First Class, so you can only travel in commercial traffic. Nevertheless, you can always use this as a bonusesflug!

Instead of just going to Asia, you can also make a stop in Hong Kong to discover something and then have some good time in South Africa. While Cathay Pacific may not be the first carrier to come to your senses when you visit Australia or New Zealand, perhaps it should be! 80,000 Alaska miles allows you to travel first-class from the United States.

This is not only a great offer, but it is also one of the best airline in the whole wide range. They can also travel in 60,000 miles BPL. Alaska' s Cathay Pacific Awards charts give you plenty of opportunities to see the wide variety of styles in the game. Places like Dubai can be visited for only 70,000 first grade Alaska miles.

When you don't have enough spare manpower for an adventurous trip around the world, you can still try Cathay Pacific's stunning premium quality outfit. 35,000 Alaska miles between New York City and Vancouver. Almost 6-hour long this is a great way to experience some stunning top quality enjoyment. With the Alaska Flying Club miles you can do just that.

On the way to Auckland you can make a stop in Sydney and a trip in Bus class costs only 55,000 Alaska miles. When you are able to make a 331 day outward booking, you may (I stress, perhaps) be fortunate enough to find a prime spot. Qantas first rate flights will just be 70,000 Alaska miles, but it is uncommon to find the necessary premium area.

Check out our step-by-step instructions to book Qantas First class. Check out the Amex EveryDay credit cards from American Express for points. The Emirates A380 is the perfect choice if you've always wanted to fly to a fully equipped airbase. You can not only take a convenient 82,500 Alaska miles Middle East or India trip, but you can also stay in the back of the cabins in the air bars for most of the time.

Renowned for its first-class products and outstanding in-flight services, you won't want to miss this adventure. The luxurious First class of Japan Airlines is available for 70,000 Alaska miles on your way to Asia. Contrary to most of Alaska' s partner airlines, a one-way fare with Korea Air will cost you the same number of miles as a round-trip fare.

If you are considering an airfare with Korean Air, make sure you make a roundtrip booking! For a return journey of 125,000 Alaska miles to Asia, you can travel in SWISS' Business-Class. Seeking a sound China based B. C. Airlines franchise, Hainan Airlines is the biggest private carrier in China.

It costs 55,000 Alaska miles to travel a single reward Hainan ticket in your next round of Hainan travel in SWISS Travel World. There are also many Hainan itineraries to South East Asia, so thanks to the stop-over regulations in Alaska you can make a great journey to China and a second state. With 55,000 miles from the Alaska fidelity programme for Fiji Airways flights in your Fiji Airways Classic Airlines programme, you can do just that.

Fiji is a great place to stop off on your way to Australia or New Zealand to get the most out of your miles. Are you looking for an adventurous trip to a place like Buenos Aires, Argentina or Santiago, Chile? With 50,000 Alaska Miles you can travel with American Airlines in International Airline Businessclass.

South America does not have the excitement of the Middle East or Asia as a destination, but with American Airlines you can get a beautiful reclining chair. And American Airlines also offers a good opportunity to travel to Lima, Peru. Only 30,000 Alaska miles will get you to Lima in Lima Traveler' s World.

They can also make this journey in high seasons for 17,500 miles or in low seasons for 15,000 miles in economic terms. And if you want to keep it easy, you can take the 45,000 Alaska miles long Lufthansa Cargo Airline to all of Alaska. Make a stop in Santiago on your way to one of the many other Latin America towns.

There are not many airline companies flying to the islands all year round. Luckily, the Alaska affiliate Icelandair does, so you can use your Alaska miles to pay a custom trip. Icelandair offers 50,000 Alaska miles to Iceland in our Air line which offers the possibility to travel to Iceland in Air China businessclass. Searching for the best way to get to Iceland, you can use 22,500 Alaska miles in low Season.

Alaska miles offer a great way to travel with American Airlines in low season if you're a budget airline. From the USA to Europe, an economy reward fare is only 20,000 Alaska miles. When Asia is more your way, you can travel to South Korea or Japan for only 25,000 miles in low season.

Don't look any further if you need a budget airfare across the Atlantic or Pacific. You' ve come Alaska miles. In December 2016, Alaska Airlines revised its national awards charter. Every hop that travels less than 700 miles is a hop. Those services will be between 5,000 and 30,000 Alaska miles per route.

Skip " involves journeys between 701 and 1,400 miles and costs between 7,500 and 30,000 miles per way. Between 1,401 and 2,100 miles costs 10,000 to 40,000 Alaska miles. Included are all over 2,101 miles flight and will be between 12,500 and 50,000 miles. Hopefully you liked the best way to use your Alaska Miles.

Earn miles from the miles on your flight plans to earn a free one-way stop-over on one-way travel throughout North America, even to Hawaii. You will also maximise the value of your miles from the Fidelity Programme when you choose one of the industry's premier experience with Cathay Pacific, one of Alaska Airlines' partner airlines.

Alaska Airlines' other partner airlines also have outstanding worldwide premium airline availabilities. Travel to South America, Asia, the South Pacific or Australia to earn great value with your miles from the miles schedule.

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