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You really think Alaska Airlines would give away two plane tickets "to anywhere we fly"? For new ticket purchases only valid at What is the best time to buy a ticket?

What time can I reserve flight tickets? - About Alaska Forum

What is the best timetable for booking flight tickets? Use the " Multi-City " options on your carriers or tour sites when pricing your tickets. Normally I find the multi-city options less expensive, but you just never know what you'll find. Sometime when they send the notification by e-mail, the prize is gone.

It' not uncommon for an air carrier to make a few hour deals. In 2008, when we flew to AK with the Multi-City planes, we bought one in November for a June one. I wasn't enough stepping myself, but the prize never went back to what I would call a "bargain".

At that time we were paying $600 for our DTW flight to Vancouver and home from Anchorage. In principle, air tickets are a question of offer and request, no matter where you go. We used to always find last minute prices too high, but recently my team needed a last minute one way ticketing and it got a very cheap rate within a weeks before the journey.

Carrier doesn't want to go with a bunch of empty tickets. Once the flights are fully booked, they will probably not sell bargains early. But if the ticket is not fully booked, fares will fall. In June my daugther flies to Vancouver and purchased her tickets about a months ago.

Actually, it was more for her to go to Seattle on the purchase date. It' extremely uncommon because tickets to Seattle usually cost about $100-$200 less than tickets to Vancouver from the DTW. There was another $100 when they pick up their connection in Chicago. and asked if the $400 was a good prize.

And I thought so because I had never seen an RT from DTW to Vancouver so low before. Hopefully you will find a reasonable rate and have a great journey to Alaska.

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