Alaska Airlines Lax

Álaska Airlines Lax

Los Angeles LAX - Los Angeles international airports information Do you need information about another one? You can find it using the below mentioned aerodrome finder. A fortnight before your planned flight time. Twenty-five seconds before planned depart. For more information, see our Check-in and Booking Closing Time.

Selfservice stands are available in the courtyard near the ticket/bag area. And if you're travelling with a hard copy or just need additional assistance with check-in on your flight date, our support staff is always available to assist you with a personal check-in.

Remember that check-in luggage will only be processed within 4hrs of your planned travel time.

SFO's Alaska Airlines Jet Out diverts to the LAX over 'smelly' smell in the cabin.

On Sunday, an Alaska Airlines passenger departing from San Francisco to New Orleans with 136 passengers was redirected to Los Angeles International Airport after the air force discovered a "strong smell" in the cab. San Francisco Chronicle reports that the aircraft was rerouted to Los Angeles on Sunday afternoons.

Paper says the airplane lands safe and no emergencies have been reported. According to Alaska Airlines, engineers inspected the aircraft to find out what was causing the odor.

An Alaska Airlines is discontinuing its Los Angeles-Havana service.

Last weekend, the US administration made it harder for Americans to go to Cuba and do deals in the US by honouring President Donald Trump's promise to reverse his Democrat predecessor's move towards warm relations with Havana. Legislation prohibits Americans from doing any business with approximately 180 governments, holdings and tourist enterprises in Cuba.

According to the carrier that launched the Los Angeles-Havana route in January this year, it will relocate the plane to other lighter demanding marketplaces. Customers who book a ticket to Havana after January 22 will be transferred to another carrier at no extra charge or full reimbursement, the carrier said.

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