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Earn or use miles with our Alaska Global Partners wherever they fly. Elite mileage benefits on American flights. Miles from the mileage plan can be redeemed for award travel on Alaska Airlines and its partner airlines and qualify for elite frequent flyer status. Different prices are charged by Alaska depending on which airline you fly.

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Since January 1, 2018, Alaska and U.S. Airlines have made important upgrades to our relationship. And you can spend your time redeeming your frequent flyer-tickets with American flights worldwide. Members of the Alaska Lounge can travel to Alaska or America and enjoy selected Admirals Club lounge facilities. With an AA number, U.S. Airlines does not collect points for internal travel.

When you travel with American Airlines, you no longer get élite advantages. See the graph for collecting points on Alaska. Please go to aa. com "This displays a hyperlink to an outside site that may not be compliant with our eAccessibility Guidelines" or call American Airlines Reservations at 1-800-433-7300.

mileage Plan?

Collecting mileage has never been so simple! Your mileage will be added to your bank balance instantly. So if you are flying from... to Seattle from... ...Frankfurt and you have purchased an Economy Class Classic fare, you earn: Munich to Portland and have a cheap Economy Class fare that you will earn: Once you have flown from... and: to San Diego, Germany, and have reserved Premium Economy, you earn:

to Anchorage and book the Business Class you deserve: See how many mileage you need to spend on an Alaska Airlines reward ticket or upgraded ticket.

Mileage Plan review, Alaska Airlines' airline programme for frequently flyers.

The Mileage Plan is the FFP programme of Seattle-based Alaska Airlines (which recently fused with Virgin America). The members collect air mileage according to the flying distances and not according to the cost of their ticket (this is now the new industry norm in the USA, Europe and Asia). This means more free flying and a quicker finish for the medium sized traveller.

Points from the mileage plan can be earned on awards travel with Alaska Airways and its partners and qualify for repeat flight élite ratings. Not a member of any of the three major international alliance companies, Alaska Airways has built an amazing relationship with a dozen companies that serve more than 900 international destination.

The mileage plan is listed in my Top 10 of the best frequently traveler programmes to be included in 2018. How do you feel about Mileage Plan? Here I would like to give you an idea of the Mileage Plan programme and how you can profit from it: Mileage Plus has three different stages of excellence that you can learn to master.

Your Club Member Rating is based on either the number of mileage earned or the number of flight completions during a year. You can achieve MVP after you have earned 20,000 award miles on Alaska Airlines; or 30,000 award miles on Alaska Airlines and Qualified Partners; or 30 segment awards on Alaska Airlines and Qualified Partners.

The MVP Gold level is achieved after you have earned 40,000 mile on Alaska Airlines; or 50,000 mile on Alaska Airlines and Qualified Partners; or 60 segment flights on Alaska Airlines and Qualified Partners. The MVP Gold 75K level is achieved after you have earned 75,000 award miles with Alaska Airlines; or 90,000 award miles with Alaska Airlines and Qualified Partners; or 90 segment flights with Alaska Airlines and Qualified Partners.

Kilometres can be accrued on Alaska' s services. Accumulated air travel earning points and premiums are considered top class (see above) and can be redeemed for valueable awards (see below). Collect the following number of miles: What is one of the greatest things about Alaska is that while it is not a member of any of the three major worldwide alliance carriers, it has built up an amazing working relationship with a dozen carriers that allows you to achieve excellence levels and to allocate ticketing more quickly.

The following airlines consider the basic air miles and cabine discounts you collect while traveling with them to be the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan top status: How many mileage and bonus you collect varies from carrier to carrier and can be viewed here (click on the carrier's logo). Unfortunately, Alaska Airlines' relationship with AeroMexico ended last year and its relationship with KLM and Air France ends on April 30, 2018.

Allows Alaska Airlines to collect non airline mileage when you spend the night in accommodations, shop on-line, rent a vehicle or use an Alaska Airlines brand debit & debit card. Alaska Airlines also offers a wide range of services to help you make the most of your trip. Every night you spend in a Mileage Plan compliant overnight accommodation, you accumulate mileage. In most cases this will be about 500 to 10,000 nautical miles per night.

The only thing you need to do is present your Mileage Plan member number at check-in. At Alaska Airlines we work with Best Western, Choice Hotels, Coast Hotels, Fairmont, InterContinental, La Quinta, Marriott, Starwood, Westmark Hotels and Rocketmiles. This is not a group of hotels, but an on-line reservation machine that allows you to collect tens of millions of miles every single day.

Multiple complimentary programmes allow you to earn Mileage Plus points from your points. Preferred Guest - the loyality programme of Starswood Hotels - has the best converting programme because it allows you to exchange Stars 1:1 into Mileage Plus mileage, with a 5000 converting reward if you exchange 20,000 Stars.

Members of Mileage Plus accumulate mileage every times they hire a vehicle from one of the big online auto hire providers, such as Herz, Avis, Alamo, Budget, Dollar, National and Thrifty. How many points you accumulate for a hire depend on the business and range from 50 to 500 points per night.

Members of Mileage Plus collect frequent flyer mileage by shopping at the Alaska Airlines eShopping Mall on-line, a selection of more than 800 shops offering exclusive member discounts. Sometimes there are promotional campaigns that will bring you more mileage for your cash. Members of Mileage Plus accumulate mileage every year they eat at tens of thousands of dining destinations across the United States.

It earns you up to five mile for every dollar you spent on the whole bill, which includes meals, beverages, taxes and tips. Another Alaska Airlines feature is the ability to buy ten thousand direct mileage without a flight, which can be an interesting way to find out if your mileage is just under one reward or not.

Campaigns are started on a regular basis and offer you many additional points in return for the money you spend. Members of Mileage Plus also accumulate mileage when they purchase from one of Mileage Plan's many partners: Mileage Plus lets you drastically improve your income with your spending on your cards: Points from the American Express or Diner's Club Rewards programs can be transferred to your Mileage Plus balance to accumulate mileage.

The quickest way to collect Mileage Plus mileage is to use an Alaska Airline co-branded debit balance (available in the U.S. and Canada only). Those credits will also provide significant points on your first shopping trip (often enough for an award ticket). Mileage Plan is the best way to use your Mileage Plan award credits for free travel with Alaska or one of its airline partners to over 900 international locations.

Mileage required depends on the itinerary, cabins and carrier. With the help of this Reward Summary, you can guess the number of mileage you will need for a single reward on Alaska or one of its partners: We also offer Money & Visa rewards that can give you up to 50% off most bus and First Class fare on an Alaska-fly.

Max rebate is $100 US$ on the basic rate for 10,000 mileage or $200 US$ on the basic rate for 20,000 mileage. If you travel with this bonus, you will accumulate 100% of the accrued mileage. Mileage Plan mileage can be used to sign up for your favourite free periodicals. Your mileage can be donated to improve the lives of the poor and help those in need.

Meilenplan works with several charitable causes, among them Make-A-Wish, Hero Meiles, The Nature Conservancy and emergency aid agencies. Members of the Mileage Plan can also earn and spend money with relatives and friend if they are Mileage Plus members. Convert mileage from your affiliate to another affiliate's affiliate's for $10 US dollars per 1,000 mile.

Allows you to earn mileage through this website. This is the most precious redemption for your Alaska miles: Mileage Plan First Class travel on Cathay Pacific is one of the most common applications of Mileage Plan mileage. North America to Asia costs you 70,000 mile, but you can travel with Cathay Pacific for the same number of mileage to Africa or the Middle East.

A further good deal are the First Class departures from Europe to Hawaii with British Airways. Traveling from the UK to Hawaii only brings you 70,000 mileage back for a trip in British Airway's First Class cabins (although the West Coast to Hawaii service is provided by Alaska Airlines or American Airlines).

If you travel in Business Class with American Airlines from the USA to Europe during the fall /winter travel period (from October 15th to May 15th), it only costs you 22,500 mile for a One Way fare. Mileage Plan's best reward redemption options include Business and First Class Qantas travel from the USA to Australia.

One way tickets in First and Business classes are available for 70,000 and 55,000 respectively. Intra-Alaskan travel is usually quite costly, but you can cut down the expense by using your mileage ( 7,500 mile per ticket) to pay for it. Mileage Plan is the most difficult way to earn Mileage Plan miles, and one of the hardest ways to earn Mileage Plan Mileage Plan miles is by spending them on a First-class Ticket with Emirates.

One way routes from North America to the Middle East or India with Emirates A380 planes used to be only 90,000 mile, but after a huge depreciation the number of mileage increased to 150,000 (one way). Though the airline is not a member of any of the three major airline groups (Star Alliance, One Word and SkyTeam), Alaska Airways works with many major carriers (including some of my favourite airlines) that allow you to collect and spend mileage.

These are, sind dies American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Condor, Emirates, Fiji Airways, Finnair, Hainan Airlines, Icelandair, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, LATAM, Qantas et Singapore Airlines. With Alaska Airlines' mileage plan you can collect mileage that is determined by the flying distances and not by the cost of your ticket (which is the new industry benchmark in the USA, Europe and Asia today).

This means more free flying and a quicker finish for the medium sized traveller. The Mileage Plan is a straightforward and easy-to-understand fidelity programme that contrasts sharply with the often complicated fidelity programmes of the three old US airlines (American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta). Collect points on the basis of the flight distances even though the number of points collected varies from airline to airline.

There are only three stages to achieving élite level; how you achieve it will depend on whether you are flying Alaska or a combined Alaska and affiliate carrier. One stop on One-Way Rewards (and two on Round Trip Rewards) allowed by Alaska airlines. The free stops can only be made in the hubs of a member carrier.

Alaska Airlines has one of the best all-round awards chart similar to American Airlines' Air Vantage programme. The Business Class flight from the USA to Europe (in winter) for 50,000 nautical miles with American Airlines or the Business Class flight from the USA to Asia for 100,000 nautical miles with Hainan Airlines, for example, is a genuine bargain.

At Mileage Plan, we offer our members free of charge unrestricted First-class upgrades on Alaska Airlines travel. They may not be available on all travel because these upgrade are reserved for the specific cabin of your choice. A free mileage plan programme, the Club 49 provides extra advantages for people living in Alaska.

Alaska Airlines members receive privileged access to trips to, from or within the great state of Alaska. There are two free pockets for the trip to/from Alaska. There are two "Travel Now" rebates per year, good for 30% discount on one way trips on a reimbursable bus (YAS) to, from or within Alaska with Alaska Airlines, within four business day of your flight's scheduled date of arrival.

Shipment up to 100 pounds of cargo within Alaska for only $10 US$ if you are flying, and $40 US$ at any given moment. Alaska Airlines' brand loyalty cards, published by Bank of America, have high registration discounts. Although it varies, the average sign-up reward is 30,000 mile after you have made $1,000 or more in your first 90 business day shopping experience.

It is not possible to mix and match several partners on a one-way reward voucher, although you can mix and match a one-way airline in Alaska with a single one. Account and Mileage expires after two years of idle time. It is not possible to keep an award voucher before making a reservation, although vouchers can be cancelled within 24 opening days of confirmation of the reservation.

In recent years, Alaska Airlines has ended its partnership with Delta Airlines, AeroMexico, Air France and KLM, which makes the programme a little less interesting, even though it has recently added Singapore Airlines as a partner carrier. A one-way award costs the same number of mile as a return ticket with Korean Air, so I recommend that you never use a one-way award with Korean Air.

Only because a corporate carrier is flying a certain it does not mean that you can earn Alaska mileage. Alaska Airlines will only be able to earn points for those frequencies enumerated between specific areas as described in the rewards table on the Alaska Airlines website. Emirates services from Europe to the Middle East or Qantas services from Australia to Asia, for example, cannot be chartered.

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