World's most Luxurious Private Jet

The most luxurious private jet in the world

Enter the biggest and most luxurious private jet in the whole wide range. These private jets make most premium jets look like the back seat of a low fare carrier. This Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is regarded as the biggest and most luxurious private jet in the whole wide range, costs an estimate of 389 million dollars according to the British insider. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner can transport between 240 and 335 passenger, but this plane has been disemboweled and converted to accommodate a central bed room and living room as well as seats in full size cabin.

During the last Dubai Airshow, Sam Chui, the aeronautical journalist, recorded the flamboyant air travel pent house on film. Deer Jet, a worldwide airline group, owns the aircraft and flies in conjunction with FH International Trip Supports. It only costs you about $93,000 an hours to fly, according to Conde Nast Traveler.

The top 5 most luxurious and costly private jets

The number of rich and wealthy individuals in the global market is growing fast, as is the wish to buy a luxury private jet, but there are very few who enjoy such abundance, who not only own a normal private jet, but also transform an airliner into a luxury private jet.

Although there are many commercially powered airplanes that have been transformed into private airplanes around the globe, only a few of them are qualified in the most luxurious and costly series. The Boeing is the champion of airplane construction and demonstrated its efficiency by supplying many world-class civil aircrafts, and with the Boeing 757-20 they also demonstrated their championship in private aircrafts.

The Boeing 757-200 is a world-class private jet currently in the possession of many rich men, and one of them is donal trump. The Boeing 757, with its full fuel capacity, is able to make a non-stop journey from the United States of America to Brazil, which is about 7,250 kilometers, at a reasonable 854 kilometers per hour, and carries up to 62 passenger loads.

Although it will cost a full 100 million dollars, the value of this jet varies according to the adaptation the jet operator wants, and that is too evident. One of the wealthiest men in the wide variety of luxury aircraft in the country, the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, is another of Boeing's masterpieces, which has been transformed into a private jet and owns this luxurious private jet.

Not only is he the Sultan of Brunei, he is also the Sultan of his own private jet as he is flying the jet alone. Excluding any modification, the costs for the brand-new Boeing 747 - 430 are $100 million, but Sultan has added $120 million to the adjustments that best fit Roayl's requirements.

Besides this private jet, His Majesty also possesses an imperium of 50 Rolls-Royce and the only right-handed Mercedes CLK-GTR in the whole wide range as well as an Airbus 340 and six small jet aircraft. An archrival of Boeing when it comes to manufacturing airliners and private aircraft, Airbus has also built some of the best private aircraft and Airbus A340-300 is one of them.

Alisher Usmanov had been told that he had purchased this largest Airbus A340-300 corporate jet after he had sold his Facebook stock for $1.4 billion, and it costed this rich Russian entrepreneur nearly half a billion dollars. Yet another world-class Airbus private jet, known by many aerospace professionals as the Flying Palace, and the order for this biplane was won by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal with a solid $500 million, but the transaction was not closed and handed over to another purchaser.

Inside the Airbus 380 is no less than other private aircraft such as a living room, two luxurious double rooms, a magical carpeting room, a concerts room and many other luxurious functions. One in two private planes looks minuscule in front of this wonderful, magnificent, luxurious and most costly aircraft ever made. Currently it belongs to the very fortunate, very affluent and very trusted Greenpoint Technologies customer, who was commissioned by the very trusted customer to make the desired changes, and after three years of tough work, the company provided the best private jet in the world.

The jumbo jet can travel at a thousand one hundred and ninety-five km/h (1,195 km/h), has a long cruising distance of 17,020 km, and the offer of this jumbo jet is $367 million, which does not involve luxury, but the end value with all that luxury is more than $500 million.

Now, for its part, making it the most luxurious aircraft ever made, there are two roomy lounges with couches, low seating areas, large televisions and a large f***king lounges with the room. No room is missing, as the large dent in the aircraft has also been transformed into another one.

The Boeing 747-8 also became known to supersede the present squadron of two Air Force One presidents, and this is an honor in itself.

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