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Enjoy the glory of Rome at night on our private chauffeur tour and enjoy the most beautiful places in Rome, which you can admire comfortably at night. hint To book this trip, please review the following Serviceprior information and conditions: ....

The Rome at Night package rate covers your own dedicated English language driver with a luxury car, Italian value added taxes, petrol, insurance coverage and other charges.... This Rome at night rate does not cover tips or other spending for guests....

Overall fee for the trip is per car, not per passenger.... Single persons who divide this trip can divide the costs among themselves.... Please allow between 1-2 working days for all responses to e-mail inquiries and confirmation of services. This night trip is conceived to be fun for those who have already been to Rome.

It is not a trip full of historic, artistic or architectonic information. There'?s no access to any places, because they're locked at night. There was an English-speaking chauffeur on this trip who is not a licensed guide, so your chauffeur will not be able to take you outside the car.

It is the driver's duty to stay in the car during the tour. You will be dropped off by your chauffeur as near as possible to the locations and in accordance with the city and traffic legislation of Rome. When you are satisfied with the services you have been given by your chauffeur, 10-15% tips are common in Italy.

At the end of the trip the money will be paid in Euro, or you can pay in prepayment via PayPal. When booking your trip, please let us know if you want to pay in anticipation and simply relax and unwind. Our system of honour is a tradition, so please cancel at least 7 working day in advanced by e-mail so that we can change your booking and your reserved chauffeur will not loose work for that workday.

Prior to making a reservation through this website, please review and agree to our General Conditions first.

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