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Click here to book your flight online with SriLankan Airlines. SILLankan Cargo(UL) - Starlight Airlines(QP). Delays in Sri Lanka due to unexpected circumstances SriLankan Airlines today announced that its clients have experienced significant discomfort and delay due to a combined occurrence of unexpected incidents, such as a birds striking that caused damage to an airplane in Cochin. "We ask all our travelers to register for their flight online, call our 24-hour call centre at 0094197331979 or their local tour operator before going to Bandaranaike International Airport and maintain an up-to-date airfoil with up-to-date cell phone numbers and e-mail address on our flyers program flysmilles would help us to get in touch with you in advance to inform you of any delay or disruption.

Our clients appreciate our comprehension and our patient approach.

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H.M.C. Nimalsiri, Deputy General Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, had previously sent a strict e-mail to Kapila Chandrasena, Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lankan Airlines, expressing his dissatisfaction with the alleged serious breach of air traffic control regulations and related breaches of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules by certain pilot aircraft of the carrier, thus endangering the security of the operation of commercial air travel with air travelers on the aircraft.

Nimalsiri's e-mail relates to a pilot who practices unusual and distress scenarios on business flight when these techniques should never be performed with endangered life. This manoeuvre must only be practised under the vigilant supervision of an instructor and only in a flight simulator, he affirmed. In his introductory section, in which he sets out this amazing unveiling and threatens the security of our Sri Lankan Airlines airline, he has caused many eyebrows, but above all raises the issue for prospective travellers, "How secure is it to travel with Sri Lankan Airlines?

Sri Lankan Airlines. CEO, this Bureau has received information that some of the Sri Lankan pilot aircraft are deactivating certain operational and essential aircraft instruments/engines in transit on Sri Lankan business air traffic in order to obtain the possibility to practice certain normal and distress procedures. Provided that the above information is correct and objective, such measures would not only constitute a serious breach of air traffic control regulations and related International Standard issued by ICAO, but would also constitute a serious risk to air security.

In order to increase their ground handlers' knowledge of air traffic, aeroplanes must use an appropriate aeroplane simulation device when practising unusual and distress situation. Please be aware that the simulation of distress scenarios on business air passengers is completely forbidden and such scenarios, if discovered, would be taken very seriously. Thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of all crew members without delay, even though a large part of your piloting community has extensive expertise, legal validity, security awareness and a deep understanding of reason.

Sincerely yours, H.M.C.C.Nimalsiri, Director General of Civil Aviation and Chief Executive Officer, No. 4, Hunupitiya Road, Colombo 02. These errors are due to the crash of the Air Asia plane that flew from Surabaya to Singapore and killed all aboarders. According to the first study of this crash, published on the website of a prestigious paper, similar tendencies have been observed in which our pilot have found that they switch off the pilot's IRS ( International Reference System ) and send the plane into an "alternative legal mode" that requires manually operating the plane to recover airplane controls in the skies.

Skilled travellers have chosen other carriers for reasons of security. Understandably, Sri Lankan Airways suppresses all information in order to reduce the risk of wave of panic among the proposed passenger, in particular the many flyers of flying smiles. Captain Druvi Perera, for example, who is now Chief Operations Officer, was unable to stop an event during the landings in Chennai India during the leadership and education of a First Officer.

At that time, the plane currently being ordered by the Head of Flight Operations Capt. Perera threw off the escape route, taking with it some of the visually-supported lighting fixed to the airport's apron, resulting in unsurmountable plane damages, but most of all, enormous costs to the carrier in the form of delays, diversion of Chennai passenger, plane repairs, etc.

Later he was slapped in the face and given a minor sentence, but oddly enough he was transferred to the post of Chief Operations Officer that he still has. In addition, an e-mail sent to the cabin crew by Senaka De Soysa, the head of in-flight services (who is now responsible for overseeing the catering & support services), has shown in a shocking manner that the carrier needs to add an extra 150 kilos to the front of certain planes to compensate for their take-offs.

Ladies and gentlemen, if the stress in BC is low, the take-off plane's mass is impaired and is a security risk. Greetingse, Manager Inflight Service (Catering & Support Services) (Inflight Service Support) | SriLankan Airlines Ltd. Airlines' anonymity source reveals that four Airbus planes with a very tight fit were arriving with their previously developed seating configurations of 12 Business Class Seats and 138 Economy Class Seats.

Its new seating arrangement is 20 Business Class and 120 Economy Class seating, which, since the redesign of the inside cabins, has been a troubling security problem for the carrier and De Soysa's e-mail to the entire crew. Aeroplanes giving rise to these concerns are listed as 4R ABM, 4R ABN, 4R ABO, 4R ABP.

They will never know if they are traveling in one of these planes and will not find out until they arrive at the gates just before embarking. A simple look at the rear deck of the aircraft's hull (bodywork) and the floor of the fin then allowed them to pinpoint the varnished airplane license plate reference as previously cited.

Event 1: Pilots attempt to imitate an airplane power loss at take-off by shutting down the gas and thereby handling the airplane incorrectly, and then forgets to pull in the undercarriage after take-off with a Trichy to Columbo fight. Because of the excess consumption of petrol afterwards due to the subsequent'towing', the plane had no option but to go back to Trichy.

This protracted investigation has resulted in the Civil Aviation Authority confiscating the licences of both the master and the first officer. Frequently asked passenger questions: The commander on a brief exercise chooses to go to the bathroom and abandons the new first female author. Trainee First Officer, who detects adverse conditions, vacates his seats to search for the skipper who will leave the deck in autopilot without a crew.

Frequently asked passenger questions: Do you know what would have happend if the doors of the flying decks had been closed and both pilot were excluded from the flying decks? Event 3: Pilot disabling certain operational and essential aircraft instrumentation / aircraft engine on Sri Lankan Airline business operations and practising unusual and contingency procedures in accordance with ICAO Acts.

It has been found that the commanding pilot turns off the Air Data Reference Systems (ADR) in-flight switch on commercially operated flights, which puts the plane in an alternative legal state. This procedure is only practised during initial instruction and in the simulator and never on a business one. Frequently asked passenger questions:

But why are Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) not always adhered to on business trips? Team Resource Management (CRM) has been compromise because the current pilot balance is not sound due to the departure of First Officer Haren Samivel. Legend has it that he was racist molested by a number of politically influential politicians, including verbal abuse, verbal threats, and even physical assaults.

Frequently asked passenger questions: Many security media have demonstrated that many past crashes and events could have been avoided if the relevant CRM standard had been met. However, the examination is still ongoing and eight month later the First Officer is sitting at home without payment. However, the main disadvantage for those responsible in airlines is that the Flight Operations Manual (FOM) contains contradictory information about the cancellation clauses for this kind of crime.

Event 6: The Commanding Master leaves London Heathrow without the appropriate take-off calculation, without following the Standard Operating Procedures and without putting the aeroplane and persons at risk. Comments from a former traveller who never flew Sri Lankan Airlines again: Obviously, there are some serious doubts about this carrier, not only because of a loss-making situation, but also because of a more serious air traffic control warning.

The threat to the security of the aeroplane, occupants and crews is a matter of great concern indeed, and stories like this only show what would normally be concealed from our occupants. Interesting to see if the new chairman Ajit Dias would first make sure that his guests are secure before he could even clear his home, is a matter awaited with possible clues.

Even more amazing to me is that many of Sri Lankan Airlines' recent pilot are unaware of some of these events. The punishment of criminals for the commission of a criminal act is one thing, but the exchange of information and the increase of CRM among drivers is the keys to avoiding further catastrophes. In not passing on this information through its security department, the flight operations department is actually committedting a more despicable offense, which is more disturbing than what would normally be done by airline professionals.

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