Taxi from here

Taxis from here

Taxis and shuttle services to and from Auckland Airport. Detailed fares and travel times can be found here. Taxi cabs can be handy when you're driving to and from the airport, late at night, when the trams have stopped or when you're late. You can book a private rental car online, get a private rental car at the terminal or search for the London taxi rank. Their taxi tariff is the result of pre-determined tariffs, which are quite complicated to calculate.


They are open around the clock, with a special reservation desk overlooking the terminals and a large Mercedes Vitos pool to ensure a seamless and convenient transport wherever you go. Andréws Taxis offers a collective taxi pick-up directly to London Liverpool Street. Mini cabit will compare taxi offers from hundred of different car pools to make you a good one.

Simply fill in your travel information to receive a quotation for your travel to or from the international airports.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Taxi

Passengers may only take taxi cabs that are situated at the aforementioned gateways (see "Taxi location"). Those cabs can be recognized by the "light" on the car's canopy. For the way from the capitol to the Paris airport and the other way round a taxi parcel is requested. Aéroport Paris assumes no responsibility.

The Paris taxi (cover only in Paris) includes Paris and 3 neighbouring départements (Hauts-de-Seine - division 92, Seine-Saint-Denis - division 93, Val-de-Marne - division 94). The suburban taxi (only in suburbs) includes Paris and 4 adjacent departements (Essonne - division 91, Val-d'Oise - division 95, Yvelines - division 78, Seine-et-Marne - division 77).

Auckland Airport. Taxi and shuttle service.

Taxis and shuttles are outside the arrival area (door 8 ) of the Multinational Terminals and outside entrance 4 of the National Terminals. Recommended fare from the airports to the cities is between NZ$38 - NZ$75 one way for a taxi and shuttles ($35 for one plus $8 for each additional passenger in the same group).

The Auckland Airport will charge $5 per pick-up and $2 per return, included in the price.

Malta International Airport Taxi Service

Taxis between MIA and any Malta location are available 24-7. Prepaid fares can be bought at a stand in our Welcomers Hall at prepaid prices. Usually, a normal taxi has room for four people, but the number of luggage must also be taken into account when calculating the amount of room in the car.

Tariffs below indicate how much it will cost to take a taxi from Malta International Airport to several island locations per car.

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