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Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for AMERICAN JET CHARTER, INC. The American Jet Charter is very proud of our perfect security. The North American Jet Charter Group, LLC operates a fleet of corporate charter aircraft. The American Jet Charter offers private flights to all destinations in the United States and some Canadian destinations.

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Wherever you fly, we have a large pool of planes to take you quickly, conveniently and effectively to your next destinations. Feel at home in one of our luxury planes and we will take you to your next destinations! Security and outstanding client support are our main priorities, which is why we thoroughly test our drivers and only recruit the best!

All our flyers are fully FAA certificated and professional educated in the best flight schools in the world. We' re at the Spirit of St. Louis in Missouri. Our location is central in the USA and we have simple acces to all places! Having a spacecraft to the major St. Louis internationals means no delay and less commute.

Manufactured in Oklahoma: Charter American Jet

This is Jim Hensley, Chairman. The American Jet Charter provides charter services to all locations in the United States and some Canada locations. They also sell empty spaces on charter planes to the general public. In addition, the airline operates a charter airline. Available one-way tickets vary from $50 for a Oklahoma City to Stillwater to $256 for a one-way Denver Oklahoma City itinerary.

Hensley said these trails are a favorite with businessmen, but could also be an alternative for recreational travel. "Somebody's already bought to charter this aircraft. He said we just wanted to take the places. "It'?s going back to the client (who charters the plane). The Baron belongs to Hensley and has room for four to five persons.

It also provides services on all transplanted organs for the Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute and Oklahoma Lifeshare of Integris Baptist Medical Center. "Hensley said we keep the telephones under surveillance. When Hensley started American Jet Charter in 1986, he was a charterer. The Hensley was a pioneer used to transport petroleum and natural-gas moguls, but when the plague struck in the mid-1980s, aviation planned.

Hensley has seen an expansion in transport since then, particularly as Oklahoma based petroleum and natural resources firms move their head offices to Houston. September 11, 2001, also gave a boost to its charter services, which offer porcelain, spirits and lease seaters. He said those who could buy a jet that could seat eight passengers and pay tens of millions of dollars to charter would do so instead of facing the control of safety at passenger highways.

At Hensley, we hope that the idea of empty seat sales will gain momentum on charter journeys, especially for those travelling on corporate trips who might be spending a single working day reaching a particular goal.

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