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taxi stand

Noun[edit]. taxi stand (several taxi stands). Let someone else do the driving and take a taxi to the National Park. This solution consists of monitoring three taxi stands in the city of Barcelona to provide valuable information to both taxi drivers and their users. Hyatt Regency taxi stand on Drumm Street in San Francisco.

Taxis - Rome Forum

Do you find taxi ranks at the most famous sights such as Trevi Fountian, the Pantheon, the Spanische Stufen and the Forum quite frequently? I have just come back from Rome. Don't remember taxi ranks at the above excursion sites. I don't remember enough to be really particular, but it seems to me that some of the places you referred to (like Pantheon and Trevi) are in areas that are off -limits to pedestrians - so you would have to go to a street near by that allows you to find a taxi stand.

Much of the road around the historic site is old and too cramped to accommodate a car. To be honest, Rome is such a small town that we never took a taxi or the metro and could walk from one place to another without difficulty if we planed ahead and grouped them - Pantheon and Trevi, for example, are very close together.

Well, it was good leaving all the ice. Near Piazza Navonna we lived and the most distant places were Spanische Treppe / Villa Borghese and the Vatican, but both were at least accessible for me - and I am not a gymmodell. So our Rome plan had the taxi ranks highlighted, so that was useful.

And the only particular one I remember (in terms of your contribution) was right next to the Pantheon. Taxi ranks were very cheap in Rome, but there didn't seem to be enough taxi ranks - so make sure you get a card with the taxi ranks on it. It'?s a shame you can't call a cab.

Next to the Pantheon there is a taxi stand - turn right at the end. A taxi stand is located at the Colosseum subway station and Piazza Venezia if you are near the Forum. Hispanic Steps has a taxi stand about a blocks away at Piazza Trinita dei Monti.

Trevi's immediate surroundings are on foot, but there is one near Largo Chigi/Via del Tritone. Like someone else said, they're not very pricey in Rome. Sometimes it's a good option if you just can't take another stride or try to conserve it. When I was in Rome on work last year, I could also mark a taxi several highways.

Whilst I would like to go for a stroll through Rome, my man has got diabetic and his legs will simply not allow it. I' ve studied my cards, but it looks like I'm going to have to buy one that also tags taxi ranks. Celli - we used the Rick Steve's Rome novel during our visit (and I strongly suggest it).

The taxi ranks are highlighted on the front of his cards. We' ve called a taxi on a few occasion, and they pulled over for us.

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