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Taxis Rome Italy Italy

You' re either gonna have to order it or you're gonna have to go to a taxi stand. Taxis can be collected from most taxi stands. Taxis in Rome, Italy ports. Could someone tell me where I can find a current map / list of taxi ranks in Rome?

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Normally in Rome you cannot stop a taxi directly at the road. You' re either gonna have to order it or you're gonna have to go to a taxi rank. A taxi plate and an identifier identify them. Taxi in Rome begin to charge the cost of the trip from the booking.

As soon as the taxi is reserved, the taxi attendant switches on his meter and begins to drive. The Romans, however, mostly use the Funktaxi. Large taxi station finden Sie im Stadtzentrum an den Piazzas, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza San Silvestro, Piazza San Silvestro, Piazza Barberini, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia. In the Vatican there are taxi's either directly at St. Peter's Square or at Piazza Risorgimento, in Trastevere at the Tiber Bridge, at Via Veneto at the intersection with Via Boncompagni.

At the beginning of the journey the base fee is 3 Euro, on Sunday and public holiday 4,50 Euro and in the overnight (22 - 6 o'clock) 6,50 Euro. For up to 10 kilometres 1.10 euro per kilometre (tariff T1), for the next 10 kilometres 1.30 euro per kilometre (tariff T2) and each further kilometre 1.60 euro.

Is the taxi fixed or lower than 20 km/h, an hours rate of 27 Euro will be calculated. Funktaxi 3570 provides a preferential treatment for ladies. A taxi should get there quicker and the taxi operator will wait for the woman to get out until she arrives at the front doors. Taxi centre 3570 can also provide specialised handicapped accessible transportation.

Taxis are charged at the regular rates. Journeys to the airport or harbour of Civitavecchia are subject to the standard rates, but you should book your taxi a few nights in advance. Please note that the taxi is not included in the price.

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2 - make sure that the rider activates the counter when you start....have seen some reviews in which as in other large towns where travellers do not know the roads, some taxi riders will be avoiding going straight, fast and walking for long distances. Sometimes I appreciate that the roads of Rome don't always allow the most straightforward way either.....

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