Taxi to and from Airport

Taxis to and from the airport

Taxi- and Van-Service - JFK Security tip: Ignore transport quotes from lawyers in the terminals. For information on surface transport, please go to the Port Authority Welcome Center in the arrival area of each airport and see where our uniforms will be glad to help you. Alternatively, you can go directly to the taxi rank in front of each of the terminals to ensure secure and legitime transport.

About JFK Taxi Information: Taxi drivers charge a $4.50 supplement during rush hour (16:00-20:00 hrs weekly, non holidays) for a $56.50 ticket. A NY State Taxi of 50 Cent is also charged for travel within New York, but not for travel to NJ. A single ticket price applies to all travellers to one final point of arrival.

The counter must show $3.00 at the beginning of the journey (except for JFK-Manhattan $52 Flat Rate journeys). Example prices from John F. Kennedy International Airport: Amount on the counter from JFK to NYC border PLUS doubles the amount from town border to ultimate goal. Apartment fee policy:

In case more than one Manhattan point is requested by travellers, the price will be $52 to the first traveller's point of arrival. Then the counter is activated and a new journey and a new ticket price takes place. Taxi burns, grievances and found objects, please call 311. The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission regulates cabs. In order to cut cost, taxi travel can also be shared by those travelling to similar locations.

Click here to get the free Bandwagon application and ask for a taxi share when you land, or simply search for Bandwagon taxi spokespersons on the main taxi routes (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Friday and Sunday afternoon and evening). Carpool reservation for minibuses and cars can be made at the Port Authority Welcome Center at the arrival levels of each of the terminals.

Authorised airport vehicular services: At JFK it is simple to find your lease. At the arrival point of each of the terminals (usually near the luggage conveyor) there is either a hire desk or a courteous phone with directions to contact each of the below mentioned operators. Contact your local auto hire service to find out more about their toll payment policies.

A number of vehicle hire firms offer E-ZPass RFID transponders. Toll charges for non-paid toll charges differ depending on the vehicle hire service, so it is important to check in beforehand for special details. There are two possibilities if your rent a car does not offer a special key or if you do not want to use a day of rent a car:

When you have an E-ZPass in your passport and choose to use your own tag, we do NOT advise you to add the registration number to your passport. The AirTrain service makes regular stopovers around the airport - this includes airport terminal, airport cars, airport cars, hotels, shuttle services and hire cars. In addition, every AirTrain journey around the airport is free of charge.

Use the free Purple Route (all terminal except Terminal A), Red Route (Terminals C, D and Terminal A), or Blue Route (Terminal B and Terminal A) Curtesy busses to switch between car parks and terminal. Plenty of transport is available to and from other regional aerodromes.

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