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leading global provider of Cirrus Air Taxi and Cirrus Air Charter.

The OpenAir Group is a leading global provider of airline services, airline services and a variety of individual mobility solutions for individual and corporate use. Cirrus SR22 Air Taxi is proud to serve the Eastern United States, the Mid-Atlantic Region, the East and Gulf Coast, and Louisiana with its Air Taxi family.

We are also a prestigious, first-class Cirrus Learning Center. Before the turn, we offer our student pilots the latest technologies and education to develop the best and most effective pilots in the world. Isn' it better it'?s better to go?

ImagineAir's air taxi service on the rise

ImagineAir has developed into a provider of services for around 900 Eastern European destinations since its inception as a Georgian local air taxi in 2007. ImagineAir was formed by Hamilton and his associate Aaron Sohaki when they realised that there was a need for door-to-door transport and that they could cover this need with the Cirrus SR-22.

Cirrus SR-22 is the world's best-selling single-engine reciprocating airliner. Since its launch in 2001, the Cirrus SR-22 has been a convincing choice due to its unique blend of high power, convenience, efficiency as well as security. The ImagineAir likes to sit in a Mercedes or Lexus, "but to drive at 200 mph". Besides a genuine cowhide cabin with ergonomically designed seats, XM-Radio and Bose nose canceling headset, the airplane is fitted with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System.

Cirrus also provides ImagineAir clients with far more destination options than a normal carrier. SR22 has a cruising distance of just over 1,000 mph, and most ImageineAir services take between 1 and 2hrs. In the meantime, the enterprise operates around 5,000 flight operations per year. At ImagineAir we offer our clients a number of added advantages which include instant prices, auto services to and from the airports, simple reservation system and instant check-in.

Mr Hamilton stressed that clients should be able to "book according to their timetable, not according to the airlines". Various award and member programmes are available. Clients can directly make a booking for a particular airline by selecting the data and schedules that work for them and pay the fare for that one journey. Used the price discovery machine on their website to create some model tour tariffs:

Clients can also participate in the ImagineAir Membership Programme. The programme is available at various stages and for a one-off charge includes a FlightCard, which grants an extra rebate on all departures. Silver membership currently cost $12,500 and offer a 7% rebate on travel. The Gold Membership is $25,000 with a 15% off on each ticket.

Another is the Platinum Membership which offers an effective return on your purchase and possession of an airplane. The Platinum Membership offers more than $200,000 in airfare credits and all the fiscal advantages associated with owning the property. When you can get a last-minute ride, there is a stand-by programme with fares from $49 for a one-way one.

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