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Ticket prices are under $100 round trips.

The big bi-annual ticket sales in the southwest are back, with round-trip rates under $100 on tens of the airline's shorter haul services. Selling prices also cover longer distances, with prices for air services being loose depending on distances. Departures start at $49 per way on the southwest's quickest route and rise to $79, $99, or $129 per way for longer trips.

Sales started on Tuesday mornings and are good for trips from 28 November to 19 December and from 3 January to 13 February. Sales include a smaller size than last year when the reservation began on October 31. Other small prints, however, reflect the limitations of prior years of Southwest's large turnover.

Friday and Sunday departures are not permitted. Flight plans for Florida, Nevada and Puerto Rico Southwest are subject to extra weekday limitations, although the Puerto Rico sales reservation windows are open until February 28. Also Orange County tickets were banned from selling. In particular, the sales apply to non-stop services, although many routes may have lower tariffs than the normal ones, corresponding to the sales tariffs.

Sales -priced seating is capacity-controlled, i.e. the least expensive seating is likely to be booked out on single aircraft in the course of the year. Several of the South West's major overseas tours are also on offer, although these tours are subject to significant daily and Wednesday and Tuesday limits. One way rates to overseas locations were offered for only $99, but most were higher and dispersed throughout the world.

From 28 November to 12 December and from 6 January to 12 March the tour windows for destinations on foreign roads are open. On Tuesday mornings, a random inspection of the tariffs revealed that the sales tariffs were quite widely available. $49 rates appear on most flights on the promoted route on most dates, although some route types have higher availabilities than others.

The Low Fair calendar in the southwest provided clients with a fast way to find selling prices on a particular itinerary. Widespread tariff sales have become a basic foodstuff for the southwest. In recent years, similar three-day sales were introduced in June and October. A June 2015 sales deal turned out to be so successful that it overturned Southwest's website and prompted the airline to prolong this special deal for another 24hrs.

Southwest' s website did not appear to have such problems during the ongoing sales. South West has used the sales to create enthusiasm and - perhaps more significantly - to offer places in the usually slower travelling times of the year. Southwest used to link tariffs to kilometre limits in previous sales releases.

At the beginning of this century, for example, Southwest set its retail price at $49 per leg for 500-mile or less flight, and the price rose from there. From 501 to 1,000 nautical miles is $99 per flight and from 1,001 to 1,500 nautical miles is $129 per flight. More than 1,500 nautical miles were $149 a way.

A few years ago Southwest ended the exact kilometres of its large sales, but its large sales have still exactly replicated the existing distance-based advertising campaigns. Its four promoted selling prices - $49, $79, $99 and $129 in both directions - are comparable to the rates that have been quoted in the southwest for its long range sales in recent years.

No matter the detail, travellers can get the announced round-trip rates for less than $100 on shorter journeys. Under the sub-$100 stock option with adequate stock available by Tuesday mornings were:: On some of the longer southwest itineraries, tariffs were also below normal. A few that showed early Tuesday unavailability included: Twelve-nine dollars each way:

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