Cabin Air Filter

cab air filter

Purify and refresh the incoming air. Cabin air filter, air filter, retrofit filter, glove box. Spare cabin air filter Like the filter in your home's heater and air conditioner, many today's passenger car, truck and SUV have a cabin air filter that purifies and screens the air before it gets into the vehicle's HVAC system. Just as the filter in domestic installations should be contaminated and regularly exchanged, the cabin air filter should also be contaminated.

Indeed, the servicing of the cabin air filter can be even more crucial as a portable car can be subject to many more pollutants than a fixed structure. Filters in your home heater and air conditioner trap dusts, germs, pollen, mould and other airborne toxins and other damaging micro particulates to make sure the air you and your loved ones breath is cleaner and your home is a healthier area.

Your vehicle's cabin air filter in the CVAC system does the same, but must also protect you and your guests from odours and particles from other cars and capture any airborne particles, foliage and grime you may come across in the areas where you are driving. Replace the cabin air filter at the interval specified in your vehicle's owner's guide, or more frequently if you ride frequently in areas with heavy dusts, grime, insects, etc. that may cause premature clogging of the filter.

Regular filter changes are important for 2 reasons: When the filter is blocked, the air in the cabin can become stagnant, mouldy and polluted - unhealthy for you and your passenger to breath. When the air yield from the air slots is no longer what it used to be and you experience bad smells, you should inspect your cabin air filter.

The replacement of the cabin air filter is a straightforward job that can be carried out without any problems by most car operators. Most cabin air filter replacement does not even require the use of tooling, and others only require the use of basic manual tooling. As a rule, the filter is located under the dashboard, behind the gloves box or under the bonnet near the windscreen.

Our spare filter range is directly matched to ensure that every exchange of cabin air filter runs without a hitch. With the same sized OE filter for perfection, our filter designs are engineered to match or outperform OE filter specification, but at a much better cost than you would buy from the retailer.

If you buy from us, you also have more opportunities to replace cabin air filter. Our range of filter products includes backing powder to help keep odours away and the air in your vehicles cool and tidy. If you want to get rid of the need to buy another cabin air filter for your automobile or lorry, we have filter that can be cleaned and re-used over and over again.

If servicing is needed, these sophisticated man-made fibre filter units only need to be sprinkled with a specific detergent to dissolve grime and deposits, clean entrapped mould, mould and germs, then rinse with clean running brine and allow to drip. Refreshing sprays are used to enhance the filter's static characteristics and odours before it is reinstalled.

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