Apple Airbook

Apple airbook

McBook Aird 2018: Alle rumours about specifications, prices and Touch ID options for October Apple focused on three new iPhones and the Apple Watch 4 in September. However, a stubborn choir of rumours suggests that more new products - plus an upgrade for the long-neglected MacBook Air - will be added every single night. However, there are also plausible accounts of Apple's intention to launch a new MacBook Air by the end of 2018.

MacBook Air for $999 more or less stays the same Apple product launched in the autumn of 2010. Published in August 2017, the latest version is almost the same as its 2015 counterpart, except for a boosted micro performance in the performance of its outdated Intel CPU and a delayed duplication of memory.

The summary continues to be up-dated, so keep checking back regularly for the latest MacBook Air 2018 updates and detail. Editor's comment, October 10: This article was initially released on May 4 and continues to be kept up to date with the latest MacBook Air 2018 updates and rumours.

Among a series of forecasts released by Apple research firm Ming-Chi Kuo (as MacRumors reported) is that the new "cheaper" MacBook will feature Touch ID - the touch ID system first introduced on iPhone in 2013. The Touch ID was first introduced in 2016 with the higher-value MacBook Per product line and is included in the new MacBook Per product line introduced in June.

12-inch one? Kuo's story is that one of his mentions polluted the MacBook's waters about the height of the upcoming MacBook; although its text is unclear, he seems to suggest that Apple could actually substitute a new MacBook for the 12-inch MacBook. It contradicts earlier coverage - a DigiTimes item that describes Apple's plan to launch a new 13-inch product in the first half of 2018, and Bloomberg's recently published coverage of a low-cost product that would "stay about 13 inches".

" Blogberg has announced that Apple is planning to upgrade this "cheap" MacBook with a high-resolution retina monitor. DigiTimes supports a previous report that featured a more modern Intel CPU as well as a new MacBook with a sleek look and retina touchpad. Bloomberg's latest information also indicates that the new models will have leaner steady rests.

It' hardly imaginable that Apple would introduce a new MacBook Air equivalents that doesn't have all of it, at least. In March, Bloomberg said that a "new, less expensive MacBook notebook is in the works and is likely to substitute the MacBook Air at a cost of less than $1,000. "Apple research firm Ming-Chi Kuo has also forecast that the 2018 edition will be even "cheaper" than the MacBook Air.

Recently, however, DigiTimes announced that Apple has created a new "entry-level" MacBook that will run a new Intel processor and price $1,200. MacBook Air's latest entry-level 128GB MacBook Air begins at 999, 949, or 1,499 dollars.

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