Air Charter Service California

California Air Charter Service

North America Information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Air Charter Service California in Los Angeles, CA. The special services include air freight flights, aerial photography and aircraft management. The Stratos Jet Charters offers the best private jet charter in California. Beverly Hills charter flight service worthy of Beverly Hills.

North California and Sacramento Air Charter Service

With our low priced charter aircrafts we offer you an economical choice of charter aircrafts. Aircrafts are a cost-effective option to more costly turbo prop and nozzle aircrafts in the Sacramento area. There are many possibilities for charter flying, but our aim is to meet your commercial and individual travelling needs with great care for detail and sensibility for your budgets.

Our dynamical base at many comfortable aerodromes in the Sacramento and Bay region minimises our general costs and offers you the best comfort and value for money in Air Charter. To meet your commercial and travelling needs from Sacramento to the West US locations, give our Air Charter service the chance to offer you the best value for money.

Recognizing that the Sacramento McClellan allows approach and departure with minimum delay, it is an outstanding option for executives flying to Sacramento. This is 3028 Peacekeeper Way, McClellan, CA, but we can re-position ourselves to any nearby area.


We have a dedicated staff of specialists in the areas of logistic, security, customer service and our own flight crew. Commercially operated air transport remains a challenge, with a large number of long routes, delayed and cancelled service. Not only does our capability to fly to and from over 5000 destinations throughout North America help you safe precious airspace, it also drastically reduces the hassle associated with your journey.

Security is standard. Our goal continues to be to meet or exceed the best practice of the market. Working in close collaboration with third-party security professionals such as ARG/US, we make sure that the best security best practice in the business is maintained. On the move service. The Charter Service Division is there for you to fulfil your wishes.

Not only are our crew members highly skilled and skilled pilots, they also fully appreciate their importance in our service models. We have a crew that is dedicated to providing a high level of service and are able to act to make sure that every journey is safe and all customer needs are catered for. Contact (661) 393-5300 today to review your itinerary and find out what Privatflugcharter can do for you.

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