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Private jet G7

View into a $70 million private jet (with Matthew McConaughey) Concerning the partys, the one in Beverly Hills on May 4th won just about everything because she had an A-list visitor. Now, Matthew McConaughey was there too, but the true celebrity of the evening turned out to be Bombardier Global's 7000 litre commercial jet. Yeah, a private airplane came to the Beverly Hilton Hotel bash.

Visitors like McConaughey, Kathy and Rick Hilton had the opportunity to creep into the aircraft and verify the specifications while mixing and drinking coctails. The Bombardier Global 7000 is the longest and biggest specially designed commercial jet ever made; it is the only one with four different residential areas; can be adapted for the owners with up to 3,800 available layouts; has a 20 per cent bigger cab than any other commercial jet and costs 72.8 million dollars.

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Global 7500 Aeroplane is the biggest and most distant commercial jet in the globe. There are four real rooms, a full galley and a special staff room in its deluxe interiors. Expand your flying experiences and explore the unrestricted liberty and customized luxuries of the Global 7500, a new generation of commercial jets.

Industries premier 7,700 sea miles reach, a top velocity of Mach 0.925 and vertical reach capabilities provide an overall unrivaled competitive advantage in commercial aerospace. This is the industry's only four-bed commercial jet with a special quiet cabin and four rooms for crews. Benefit from unmatched room, convenience and furnishing versatility. Witness the patent-pending convenience and groundbreaking depth adjustment of the Nuage seating - the first new seating architectural style in 30 years in corporate aerospace.

An individually customisable cab with a variety of available layouts and features, optionally available, all carefully engineered for you, plus a fixed berth and standing showers. Check out the Global 7500 Aeroplane Leaflet and Factsheet. Featuring an unparalleled choice of layouts and interior design choices, the Global 7500 Enterprise Jet is conceived as an expansion for your home and your workplace, giving you the liberty to easily move wherever your lifestyle leads.

This is the industry's only four-bed room commercial jet with a special crew room and galley, allowing you to choose from a nearly unlimited number of suites and personalise your own interiors. Join us and enter a club apartment that means doing good work. Incorporating the groundbreaking Nuage seating and large window sizes, this light and welcoming home provides the ideal setting for tranquil reflections, conversations and increased office efficiency.

Featuring new large and evenly arranged panes, the Global 7500 offers more ambient lighting than any other commercial jet and offers every occupant a single pane of glass. Featuring luxurious six-seater sitting, the Global 7500 Jet's stylish Conference Suite offers a clear styling with sophistication.

Join your customers for a company or private luncheon and enjoy the delicious food carefully cooked in the industry's biggest and best equipped restaurant. Global 7500's galley is as stylish as it is practical. Created in collaboration with the best crew in the whole wide range of cabins in the whole planet, this exceptional restaurant has been created with the aim of preparing the most diverse menus in the sector.

Nuage's seating is the first significant operational and operational modification to a corporate jet seating system in 30 years. It focuses on three important characteristics that are not available on any other commercial aerospace seat: Explore the peace and quiet of everyday life in the Global 7500 Airplane's Master Suite.

Enjoy luxury comforts in a private room with an unparalleled selection of options, such as a fixed berth and a genuine standing en suite showers. The cabin level of convenience also includes the cabin crews, thanks to a constantly available and well-equipped staff suite dedicated to maximizing convenience and private spaces on long-haul outings.

Global 7500 is equipped with an innovative ventilation system that provides 100% clean room ventilation as well as turbocooling and turbo-heating to quickly increase or decrease cab temperatures. In addition, optimised pressurisation of the cab provides a low level interior climate that helps you relax, feeling more energetic and reducing jetlag on arrival.

Developed specifically for the Global 7500 plane, the brand new, friendly on-board cab control system redefines the cab interior experiences and defines how you interacted with the cab and your contents. Incorporating sophisticated fly-by-wire technologies, superlative esthetics and a permanently side-facing platform jumper fit, the Global 7500 Jet offers maximum crewing convenience and performance.

Developed for overall horsepower and with an industry-leading 7,700 nm reach, no other commercial jet delivers the Global 7500's definitive blend of reach, velocity, field output and smoothness. The GE Passport engine, specifically developed for the Global 7500 Jet, achieves a top velocity of Mach 0. 925 with reliable dependability and enhanced engine fuelsiciency.

The Global 7500 Jet's impressive vertical glide capability will make it the biggest corporate jet to enter London City Airport. In combination with extraordinary brake power, the Global 7500's array power is superior to that of much smaller airplanes. An advanced glider construction with excellent aerodynamic drag allows the Global 7500 to offer the smootest air travel in the trade for a level of driving experience unrivalled in commercial air travel.

The latest performance-based navigation (PBN): 1. All inside measurements shall be taken from an aeroplane without a finished passenger space. 2. From the dashboard to the stern of most cabins without luggage area. 1. All inside measurements shall be taken from an aeroplane without a finished passenger space. 2. From the dashboard to the stern of most cabins without luggage area.

Information herein does not represent an offering, promise, promise, assurance, warranties or representations of any kind, and the configurations and performances of any airplane are set forth in a definitive sales contract. 1. All inside measurements shall be taken from an aeroplane without a finished passenger space. 2. From the dashboard to the stern of most cabins without luggage area.

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