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Ive' s brilliant book Designed by Apple in California was called the Vanity Project. Created by Apple in California Created by Apple in California is a photobook by Jonathan Ive with photographs by Andrew Zuckerman, which was originally created by Apple Inc. and launched in 2016. This book is meant to present the story of the Apple Group with 450 images of Apple product from 1998 to 2015. Designed by Apple in California was praised for the presentation of the work of Apple's deceased co-founder Steve Jobs and the book's bodily styling, while it garnered critical acclaim for being seen as a "vanity project" and many of its images have already been made public.

Kif (16 November 2016). These are the most interesting parts of Apple's new $300 book. Returned on 27 January 2017. Don (November 15, 2016). "Apple's latest release is a book available in 2 sizes." Returned on 27 January 2017. Miller, Chance (November 19, 2016).

"Convenient with the book $199/$299 'Designed by Apple in California'[Video]". Returned on 27 January 2017. Benjamin (November 15, 2016). "An Apple -bound book on 20 years of Apple industrial engineering devoted to Steve Jobs[Update: Video]". Returned on 27 January 2017. Fagioli, Brian (November 15, 2016).

"Apple insane, selling a $300 hard-cover photobook? Returned on 27 January 2017. Ritchie, Rene (December 12, 2016). "It''Designed by Apple in California' Buchbesprechung". Returned on 27 January 2017. Vincent, James (November 15, 2016). "with 450 photographs of Apple products." Returned on February 19, 2017.

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"Describing 20 Years of Apple Product Development with 450 Photos of our Product and Manufacturing Methods. From iMac to Apple Pencil, a rich story, full of descriptive innovation in material and technology, captured every detail with sincerity and intent. Hardcovered on special machined matt silvery edge gilt glossy matt black glossy matt silk with eight colour separation and low gloss ink, this cover tape has been produced with the same diligence and attentiveness as the product presented in it for more than eight years.

It' s both a will and a homage to the careful way Apple designs, constructs and manufactures its unique work. Deposit: The supplement, which has been compiled in selected foreign language versions, provides product information.

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