Royal City Taxi

King's city taxi

The Royal City Taxi Ltd. is a futuristic taxi company. The Royal City Taxi offers taxi services to the New Westminster Community and its surroundings. New Westminster, British Columbia. View photos, tips, similar places, specials and more at Royal City Taxi Ltd.

King's city taxi

Book a Royal City Taxi in New Westminster, South Burnaby, Coquitlam, Annacis Island, North Surrey, East Richmond and Vancouver Airport in British Columbia with your Royal City Taxi equipment - 24 hrs a day, 365 hrs a year! You can use a card to choose your pick-up point and follow the whereabouts of your taxi.

Get notifications about the state of your reservation and when your taxi is arriving. THE TAXI RESERVATION FUNCTIONS: - Order a taxi now or choose a date and hour for collection in the near term. - You don't know your whereabouts? - Transmit the taxi to your actual location on your local satellite. - You can also touch a site on a card or enter a pick-up area.

  • Choose a collection or return location from your phone's contact history. - Store a pick-up location as a favourite and use it for further transactions. - Transmit extra information to the rider - enter a greeting, max 255 chars. - You will receive a notification that your reservation enquiry has been received.

Optionally, you can continue to wait or reverse the reservation. - Display the actual position of your taxi on a card. - Reverse a posting. - Touch a pushbutton to make a call to Royal City Taxi (if the application is on an Android phone). - Enter a greeting and email it to the person on the way to your site.

  • Recieve a notification sent by the rider on his way to your site.

New Westminster, BC - Royal City Taxi Ltd.

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