Sky Taxi 3

Sky-taxi 3

Play the free game Sky Taxi 3: The Movie for PC today! Play the role of the protagonist in a spy movie in Sky Taxi 3: The Movie, an absolutely fascinating arcade game! Sky Brothers are back with a brand new Sky Taxi adventure! Get Sky Taxi 3: The Movie[Download] and play today.

Himmelstaxi 3: The Film

Join an espionage quest with Mr. Mich in Sky Taxi 3: The Movie! Set in a luxury glittering tux, the super star mice will overcome all barriers to punishing the evil. Maus is courageous and good-looking, enchanting and skilful. SkydAXI 3: The Movie is a story-based quest with a suspenseful storyline for those who love puzzles and actions in one play.

When you reach the next stage, the arrows show you a better way to get into the air taxi, and there's nothing out of the question for such a daring and daring little mice. The film captivates by its outstanding graphic and the actions take place at different current places, so that the decoration is beautiful.

Himmelstaxi 3: The Film

Quickly move to run, skip and hop to a taxi on all 115 floors. Catch food, take coin and find covert rooms and clandestine floors to increase your scores as you pound foes, swing adorable power-ups and fight enemy leaders to complete your task! Sky Taxi 3: The Movie full featured version:

Join the fun when you get the free Sky Taxi 3: The Movie free evaluation today! Call the Sky Taxi for a rough drive to free a handsome spook in Sky Taxi: To move the cursor either to the right or to the right, push the right or right button. Use the up arrows to skip and up arrows to skip and again to skip.

Leap on foes to knock them off the canvas. Hit the space bar to fire on foes and journey through doorways and teleports. Get in the taxi to get to the next floor.

SkydAXI 3: The movie game

There is no charge for this one. Sky Taxi 3: The Movie is a completely intriguing archaic sequel in which you take on the part of the main character in a espionage film! You' re facing the greatest grandmaster in the mob business, Mr. Bigman. It' got ta be good for the candles, though. Join this free quest now!

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