Chartered Institute of Secretaries

The Chartered Institute of Secretaries

ICSA is a professional association that certifies corporate secretaries through audit and post-qualification programs. Learn what CIMA exceptions you can get if you have studied at the Institute Of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators SA (ICSA SA). Das Governance Institute of Australia ist eine Abteilung des Institute of Chartered Secretaryaries and Administrators (ICSA).

The Institute of Admitted Secretaries and Admins

IT': Governance Institute (ICSA) is a trade association that provides certification to corporate secretaries through audit and post-qualification programs. In 1902 the institute was given a royal charter. Returned on December 7, 2012. Your vocational qualification: Vocational Skills Guide for the UK - Where they go and how to get them.

Returned on December 7, 2012. ^ "ICSA 2010-2011 ^ "icsa 2010-2011 Review" Institute for Chartered Secretaryaries and Administrators. p. 13. Archives from the orginal (pdf) from 16. October 2012. Returned on December 7, 2012. Returned on December 7, 2012. Well, this piece on a trade organization is a stump.

Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (Hongkong Institut der Chartered Secretaryaries)

We welcome you to the HKICS website, our on-line forum for the promotion of good practice in the field of Chartered Secretary and the promotion of good practice in the field of Chartered Secretary. Here you will find the latest Institute information, member and scholarship information, forthcoming meetings, applications and announcements, and the latest information from other regulators and government agencies. This website will be further developed to make it an important asset to our members, our college and college staff and other interest groups in the areas of Secretary and Government.

Chartered Secretaryaries und Administrator of Nigeria (ICSAN) Institut der Chartered Secretaryaries und Administrator of Nigeria (ICSAN)

Created in 1891 in Great Britain, the Royal Charter was awarded to the company in 1902. The leading trade organization for corporate secretaries and business administrators in the government, personal and voluntary sectors, it provides a technical platform for 44,000 members and 28,000 undergraduates worldwide. Several years ago, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrator of Nigeria in Nigeria was set up as an employee of the CSO.

Chartered Organization was recognized by Law No. 19 of 1991 (formerly Decree No. 19 of 1991). ICSAN is the highest certified expert panel in Nigeria dedicated to the improvement of the standing and practices of governance and public administration.

ICSAN' s training and career development organisation is dedicated to broadening the career horizon of tomorrow's manager by offering programs in a wide spectrum of disciplines leading to a recognized national and global skill set. Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrator of Nigeria profession qualified is the standardisation of management training similar to a master's course.

This is a "vocational skill resulting from vocational training". No one is admitted as a member of the Institute without passing and passing the aptitude tests. What are chartered secretaries? The Chartered Secretary is a high-level specialist trained to maintain the highest levels of good business practices, effective processes, regulatory and administrative practices.

Chartered Secretaryaries are highly regarded by employer for their trainings at International Civil Aviation (ICSA) and are the most important resource for guidance on the way to do a deal. The Chartered Secretaryaries sind als chairmen, CEOs and Non-Executives Director sowie als Manager und Firma Secretary tätig. Enhance and advance ethical standards, codes of practice, ethical standards and the system of behaviour, as well as the interests of chartered secretaries and administrators.

Encourage potential chartered secretaries and administrators to obtain vocational qualifications, as well as organise training programs and career retraining sessions. Keeping an agenda and promoting excellent work. Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrator of Nigeria's professional exam consists of 16 chapters subdivided into 4 programs; Foundation, Pre- Profesional and Profesional Programs Part 1 and Part 2.

Classes are integrated and gradual, so that the early learning is an important basis for later parts. The requirements for the following test schedules are defined as a scale or standard: are the 16 disciplines that make up the vocational testing systems: In order to be enrolled as a graduate and to take the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrator of Nigeria exam, the person should be in the possession of an SSCE, GCE O' Levels, OND, NCE, Higher National Diploma, Degree Certificate or recognized vocational qualifications (MSc, MBA, ACA, ACCA, ACMA) or other Council recognized vocational qualifications.

Students with qualifications such as B.Sc. or HND Accounting, LL.B. and LSc or HND Finance are exempt from all Foundation, Pre- Professional and Professional Part I programs. Students who do not hold equal qualifications are exempt from the Foundation, Pre- Professional and Professional Part I levels. Investigation:

Investigations are carried out every year in May and November. Students who complete this program are accepted into the MBA or MPA programs of some domestic and foreign universities. Vocational exams at the Institute are made up of 16 modular courses, divided into four phases; the exams take place in June and December of each year.

Admission to the Institute is conditional on HND, degree & recognised professional qualifications, graduates in accounting, finance and law enjoying extended exceptions. Exam registration is charged as follows: Specialist programme 1 and 11 -£300. Per field Exam record. Applicants for the exam should be required to complete their payment by no later than 15 March for the June exams and 15 September for the December exams.

Deadline for applications is 10 January for the May exams and 10 July for the November exams. Exam fee is due on or before 1 April for the May exams and 1 October for the November exams. While we will try to keep this information as current as possible, make sure you verify this with the Institute.

Elephant Cement Way, N.K. 5 Junction Road, Near Stadium Roundabout, Kaduna, Das Sekretariat des Instituts.

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