Multiple Booking

Several bookings

Registration of several real estates - Partner assistance - Once you have started registration on, you will see an optional feature that allows you to specify the number of homes you wish to join. It should contain the number of attributes that are registrated at different adresses, but not: This is the number of units/rooms within the same trait.

This is the number of real estate at the same location (e.g. several flats at the same address).

Once you have started the procedure, go through the procedure and record your first real estate by entering its location and other related information (e.g. billing information and at least one photo). Once you have finished the registration of this feature, you will see a pushbutton to continue the registration of your real estate. Every one of these homes will have its own real estate page on (each with its own available units/rooms).

So if you're already a affiliate and would like to expand your real estate portfolio, take a look at the following scenarios: Has this new feature the same adress as your actual entry (the one for which you already have an ID)? This means that if you want to include an appartment, holiday home or mansion at the same location as your present offer, you can include it as a new "room" in our system.

Login to your exittranet and go to the Properties page. Select Properties Layout or Room Details (depending on your properties setup) to add a new room or group. Has this new real estate an own adress than the one you have already registred? Login to the exittranet and go to the My Properties page.

On the right, click the Append more feature icon. In the upper right of the screen, click Account and choose + Create new home. Once you have registered your second real estate, you will have full control of the Group Overview page. Click the Append New Attribute pushbutton to apply more attributes.

Would you like to learn more about how to create or delete features from a group accounts?

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