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The Kachecab is a taxi company offering local taxi transport in Homer, AK. You are not sure whether your desired destination is within our service area? The Homer Fjord Explorer & Gull Island Tour. The Kachemak Bay State Park Hike &

Water Taxi Service Combo.

Homer Alaska, your wife's taxicab. You can also go canoeing, mountain huts, walking and angling.

Kachemak Bay State Park offers large, secure closed cabin craft and U.S. Coast Guard licenced boat owners to all points of Kachemak Bay State Park. We have the capability to protect everyone from the elements in closed staterooms and lots of space to carry rucksacks, camp equipment, mountains bicycles and canoes.

That' Homer, so of course you' re welcome to bring your pet! Excursions begin in our offices on the Homer Spit and begin at the small dock. The service is on request, we collect you at a previously agreed place and at a previously agreed upon date. The return journey with the ocean taxi service to most points in the cove costs $70-$85 per capita, plus VAT.

State Park destination charges an extra State Park charge of $4 per year. The Otter Cove taxis service costs $70 pp return, plus VAT. There are two ways to get around our new Wassertaxi service: our 28' Bayweld landboat, the Baylink II, for up to six passengers or our 35' UniFlight ship, the Northern Star, for large groups.

Our shore boat makes it possible for us to take you to and from the beach more easily and to transport bigger goods such as camp equipment, 4-wheel vehicles, canoes, bikes and other goods. Ideal for large groups of up to 24 people, the Northern Star can be used to land at a jetty or in conjunction with the Bay Link to bring groups of shuttles to trailer head and other undocked targets.

Accompany us on a boat ride to the Gull Island's famed schools of birds. Look out for marine vipers and occasionally whales as you visit Kachemak Bay. As well as Gull Island you drive 60 feet cliff and into the Eldred Passage and Tutka Bay. Everybody likes this journey, from enthusiastic fotographers to those just looking for a good chat on the beach.

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