Cessna 310 for Sale

310 Cessna for sale

$48,500 (310A, 1955) US$147,750 (310R, 1978) US$228,000 (T310R, 1981). Airplanes for sale: Specifications, price, broker, dealer, dealer, by owner Prime Airliner Sa....

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The Cessna 310 / 320 Aircrafts for sale

United States military bought about 160 Cessna 310 and they were known as the "Blue Canoe". Airspeed, operating costs and available modification of the after market made the Cessna a popular aircraft for bushwalking. There is a large stock of Cessna 310 for sale. Below please find all our Cessna 310 for sale.

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Renowned airplane designer Jack Riley manufactured two versions, the Riley Rocket 310 and the Riley Turbostream 310. With a total of 2,400 kg (5,400 lb) the plane had a weight/performance ration of 7.71 lb (3.50 kg). per hp. Cessna 310 was a joint chartership for the many aerial taxis that emerged during the general aerospace booms after the Second World War.

Cessna 310's advantage over its contemporary counterparts, such as the Piper PA-23, was its velocity, its cost of ownership and subsequent modification, such as the Robertson STOL kit, which made it world famous for its flight capabilities in George W. Bush. What made the Cessna 310 so successful was its ability to fly at high speed. He could use shorter take-off and landing strips and at the same a high payload of 910 kg (2,000 lb) or more at high velocities for a dual engined reciprocating airplane.

The United States Air Force (USAF) chose the Cessna 310 in 1957 as a lightweight commercial airplane for transportation and administration assistance. USAF bought 160 non-modified 310A planes with the name L-27A and the unofficial nickname Blue Canoe,[8] later amended to U-3A in 1962. A further 36 310 L-27B (later U-3B) powered gliders were supplied in 1960-61; these gliders were mainly 310Fs for armed forces and as such powered by the more powerfull 260 hp 194 kW engine and can be recognised by their added cabins, longer noses and arrowed horizontal fins.

9 ] The U-3 saw an energetic ministry in a supportive capacity when the USAF during the Vietnam War used planes to fly to South Vietnam, where they were couriered between Luftwaffe stations. 10 ][11] Some USAF planes were later handed over to the US Army and the US Navy, and the model was used in the US Army until the mid-1970s.

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