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Around the world

Explore the world and make the journey of a lifetime with a Round the World airfare from the Flight Centre. An Around the World ticket is a product that allows travelers to fly around the world at a relatively low price. Locate the right trip for you with easy to plan routes and an extensive network around the world. Travel around the world and visit all the destinations on your wish list. The SkyTeam Go Around the World Tickets allow you to travel one.

Tickets around the world

What is the best way to circumnavigate the world? Maybe a plane ticket around the world? How about a price for doubles or triples? Watch this quick videoclip, your one-stop store for everything you need to know about different kinds of fares to get the most out of a break and choose the best itinerary for your journey.

When the whole world is at your service, why stop at one goal? No matter whether you have a trek to Machu Picchu, Fifth Avenue grocery store, café in Paris or the like on your wish lists, your destinations don't have to stay a dream. The committed Round the World Flight Center flight center professionals can make these visions come true!

How about a sightseeing tour around the world? Around the world you fly, well, around the world! Rather than trying to combine single departures from point A to points B, C and D, a Round the World trip is a smooth one-way trip around the world.

A Round the World Fares is, in other words, a one-way, long-haul, multi-stop trip. Would you like to make a reservation for a round the world trip? It' s up to you how long you stop at each point on the way - you probably want to take enough your own personal amount of getting to know your goal before you go to heaven on your way to a new part of the world.

For a Round the World tour, the only prerequisite is that you must be travelling in one way - Eastern or Western - and returning to your starting point. While some fares ask for at least four Continents and at least two stops, hey, isn't that what a round tour is all about?

What are the different kinds of Round the World flight? As a rule, certain carriers provide Round the World fare, depending on the route they cover, provided they take into account their main point of entry (e.g. stop in Helsinki if they are flying Finnair). Round the World fare prices are determined by the number of mileage you cover, your cabine rating and the number of different airline partners in your network.

Flying around the world can be a great way to collect these points and expand the levels of your carrier fidelity programme. Talk to one of our airfare experts and see what your favorite carrier has to offer - you might even get enough points to join an Business Class Upgrades!

When can I fly around the world? Some Round the World tariffs allow you to have up to 15 stations on your trip, but you can make up to three, four or five of them. So why make a booking with our Round the World team? With our committed world class professionals living and breathing multi-stop every single minute, we know how to make your trip a breeze.

Allow them to take good care ofthe subtleties, such as the visa you need, and make sure you get your favorite windows so you can concentrate on checking this one. Below is a small selection of our available rates. Give us a call today and customise your trip around the world with us.

Below is a small selection of our available rates. Give us a call today and customise your trip around the world with us. Below is a small selection of our available rates. Give us a call today and customise your trip around the world with us.

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