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A few creative ways to book your own flights around the world. Explore multiple countries on your journey with a wide range of flights and itineraries. The Star Alliance Round the World fares offer amazing value and freedom. Aero aggregators are the way most of us book our flights.

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Calling the Dubai call center for information about Round the World Ticketing. Mir was informed that they were only available in Paris, and she directed me to the website of the Emirates France. Emerirates is not part of an air group. Therefore, it makes good business to sell these fares only through their France website / Paris offices.

Note: - The fact that your purchase is only made from Paris should give you a clue. Let's be clear, the Emirates net is not really ideal for circumnavigating the world. - Or you may want to check out the right side (second point) to learn more about World Around Ticketing. - Please be clear about your travel route before you start looking for a world ticketing experience.

It' s better to schedule your trip and then select a "supplier" than to select an air carrier and schedule it according to your own networks. - If you have your route, select an air carrier that, through its allies, provides a powerful worldwide route to those destinations at a good cost. Actually they are only Emirates and Air Tahiti Nui, the latter flies between Los Angeles and Paris.

However, it offers me an interesting selection of locations - Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. It costs around 6,500 euros to buy a Bus Division Card, which seems to be a sensible price. The only thing I'm trying to say is compared to some other fares around the world in businessclass. But a few years ago they were offering a world pass in the Z-Class from 5'000 - 6'000 Euro.

Also note that you can use Emirates to travel from New Zealand to Australia, but for flights within Australia you will need to charge some extra for airline travel. The year after September 11th we got a Round the World second-class ticketing for less than £2,000 each in BA (and Air Pacific)!

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