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Buying a private jet is not an easy task, of course. In addition, our customers can purchase the offered small aircraft Toysat from us at very reasonable prices. Verify the price in India and shop online. Prize -- Low too high.

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Get your own Cessna now for 10 liters of Rh! India News

One group of airline fans founded My Planez, the first airfraction society in India. You can now own your own plane for only 10 Rh. Iakh - a four-seater Cessna 172 that could take you to this plant in Ahmednagar in 40 min or take you on a week-end trip over the Sahyadri heights.

Only a few month after the idea of a fraction of airplane property was implemented in India, the low-cost model is taking form. Factional airplane ownership has existed in the West for over two centuries and involves the possession, use and maintenance of an airplane with a group of other members. However, Club One Air, India's first Fractional Property Management firm, such as Warren Buffet's global Net Jet leadership, traded only commercial jetliners, making it an expansive offering.

A group of aerospace enthousiasts and pilot have now teamed up to form My Planez, the first ever Airfractional owned airline in India to acquire Cessnas. Produced by a U.S. corporation, Cessnas are about 60 x less expensive than corporate jetliners, making them accessible to the high-end mid-range............. A small fraction holder can own 12.5% or 25% of an airplane by contributing one-eighth to one-quarter of the costs of a Cessna that goes to My Planez promoter Capt Mihir Bhagvati, 10 liters of rope and 20 liters of rope, respectively, and then pay one eight to one quarter of the costs of a Cessna that goes to My Planez and a member of the Bombay Flying Club's administrative board.

If it were a month' s worth of 15,000 to 30,000 Rs, it would wait, assign a pilots if necessary, and take charge of all the other items associated with owning/flying an airplane. Currently, the airline is planning to buy only one Cessna 172 - one year old - but the size of the portfolio will increase significantly in the years to come.

Capt Bhagvati said a small fraction owned Mumbai car would only have to answer the telephone and call the driver. "Your plane would be ready to take off in an hour," he said. Since the Cessna 172s can travel over 1,250 km non-stop for six consecutive flight hours, most important targets in India, with the exception of those in the northeast, could be served non-stop.

Aeroplane ownership is 8,000 fractions worldwide and in India, with a rising number of business leaders and industry leaders likely to join the wave. From now on the only possibility for him is to drive on the street, which lasts eight or twelve hour. "Wadhwa says the Cessna would take me to Kolhapur in 14 mins and it is inexpensive".

There are many like Ryan Araujo, an entrepreneur and qualified pilots who has come to take up aviation as a way to pass the time. "Nowadays, amateur aviation in associations is no longer convenient because they give priority to students," he says, and adds that the Cessna would also help him to keep his pilot's license by doing the required 15 flight lessons per year.

"An airplane can record 800 flight operatinghours a year but, according to research, those who own an airplane do not record it for more than 200 flight operatinghours. "Only a fraction of the property provides optimal utilization of the airplane, which is economical," he added.

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