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The Arrow Taxi Group, Worthing, West Sussex. Hire & Hackney Taxi Company operating out of Worthing & West Sussex.

The Arrow Taxi Group - Worthing, Adur & Arun's premier taxi service company

Make your booking fast and simple! The Arrow Taxi Group, located in Worthing, West Sussex, is committed to simplifying your lives and maintaining your technologies. You don't have to look out of the windows and wait for your taxi to get there. Call-back uses the latest technologies so our chauffeurs can call your telephone when they get outside your adress.

It is free and simple to order. If your telephone rings twice, your taxi is outside. We work with the Worthing Kids community organization.

Pfeil Privatvermietung - Taxi - 01903 212121 - Valuables

Every year you ask for a chauffeur with a credit press, so I can get a credit press. Drivers who fail to comply with this requirement will consciously increase their charges for payment by credit cards to £2. Once I accepted that he was annoyed and started to write the voucher in an furious way, I said to him to relax and let cash buy him, then he ripped the voucher and declined to give it to me.

The last one didn't know how to use it, and I therefore suffered the loss of the meeting, I asked him to take me back, and he didn't even recharge the journey and made me pay 2 pounds. 6 Extras only for him trying to find out how to use the vending machines.

They were like, "It's not our fault, we can only apologize" when I phoned the bureau. Your behavior is gross. Calling a cab from home to a nearby train depot. Immediately, the rider was impolite and aggressively, saying he had waited half an hours, which was obviously not true (and I can verify it with my telephone log).

When I arrived I told them that I had to go to the ATM - I had enough money with me for the normal amount, but not to cover the supplement. And then the rider went on to further blackmail and cheeks, demanding that he burden me for this waiting period as well.

There'?s an ATM in the ward. At a grocery shop 2 min away on foot, I had to go to another one, and I made a move to the rider. l came back to find... no taxi. Actually, the chauffeur had left with his rucksack and coat in his taxi!

Well, who shouldn't have - the rider could have gone anywhere with my stuff. Obviously angry and panicked, I called the firm and told them, and the maid who responded on the telephone, rather than some spark of respectability or affection, simply said my things were in the office. What I said was that I was not in the business of being afraid of the people. Not an excuse. Not with the excuse that a rider had vanished with my things, I was welcomed, and no one had told me where they were, not with affection for my apparent plight.

I' m not, I was said by the maid who was answering the telephone that I was "disgusting" for what I don't know. You made me sit tight before they returned my things and demanded that I paid the (enormously bloated, three fold as high) "fare". Meanwhile 3/3 I had lost my platoon and came to work too late thanks to these nasty swindlers.

Luckily there are many other taxi companies in Worthing. I' m sorry they paid their dues because they had no right to my things. Still can't believe how gross their behavior is - consciously burdening a fragile one. Auto didn't get here. Two call ings later, it was 15 min too late without an excuse.

Since then I have phoned the firm 3 x, every x when I was told I would be returned by the owners. Anyone who needs a car in good time should try to stay away from these people.

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