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History[edit] Republic Airways Holdings signed an October 2013 deal with Indigo Partners, a privately held company, to divest Frontier Airlines for approximately $145 million. Indigo argues that the deal would further develop Frontier into an extremely low-cost supplier. 40 ] In December 2013, Indigo Partners LLC, through a subsidiary, finalised the acquisition of Frontier Airlines from Republic Airways Holdings.

48 ] The Republic Airways Holdings Republic Airlines affiliate will cease flying Embraer 190 on Frontier's account with effect from 1 January 2014. On 19?, the centre of the Airbus 321, A320 and A319 central seating is broader than the windows and aisles and, from July 2015, when the carrier began the installation, the broadest centre of all airlines in the USA[52] The long distance Airbus 321ceo and 321neo have an average 30 "-32" spacing.

On its A320ceo and A320neo, which are typical for short haul services, the carrier uses a tilt of only 28?-29", the narrowest tilt of any U.S. carrier. Fronttier Airlines has 28"-31" on the Airbus A319, which they are letting out. "Available at a surcharge or free of charge to members of the Frontier Elite program, the "Stretch" range of in-line seats includes an added 5-8" tilt, fully tiltable seats, lower back spine supports and diamonds.

The Chautauqua Airlines airline served up to 12 Embraer 135 and 145 aircraft from Milwaukee. Fronttier began to brand these services as Frontier Express in early 2011. Milwaukee was the only line to Rhineland that was still run with a Frontier Express ERJ-145 aircraft after the Milwaukee hubs were dismantled.

Border transport to the Rhineland, however, ended on 3 January 2013 and Chautauqua handed over the rest of the planes to other parties. During February 2002, the carrier introduced its first local production, Frontier JetExpress, which was originally run by Mesa Airlines with CRJ-200s. Like other airlines' "express" services, Frontier JetExpress was focused on Denver and Denver customers that did not have enough air capacity to serve Frontier's smallest flagship A318 but could still provide profitable smaller commercial services.

Frontier and Horizon ended their relationship in August 2006. While Frontier was generally satisfied with the operations of Horizon, the airline opted to re-examine the arrangement and find a supplier with extra local jet capacity to expand operations. Frontier established a new department of the parent Lynx Aviation on 6 September 2006, which will be operating Bombardier 400s from May 2007.

Lynx has expanded the services to 12 local targets since the start of operations: Lynx Aviation operated two other towns, Omaha and Salt Lake City, together with Frontier Airlines' long-haul services. The Lynx Aviation division was transferred to the Republic Airways Holdings affiliate Republic Airlines in 2012. Most of the remainder of the company's fleet of quality 400 planes was retired from frontier services and put into revenue service for United Airlines under the name United Express.

Maverick Airways operated the Frontier with de Havilland Canada DHC-7 Dash 7 STOL-capable turbo-props between Denver (DEN) and two Colorado locations in 1997: However, the duration of the operation was limited as Maverick faced significant funding problems and then stopped all itineraries. Fronttier Airlines currently serves 88 destinations[69] in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and soon Jamaica.

Frontier will operate a combined 314 new non-stop services to 82 major US destinations by the end of 2018, servicing 90% of the US within an hour's driving time of a Frontier service. Fronttier will use airplanes from an order backlog of 15 billion dollars to operate these itineraries. From 2001, a new coat of paint was applied to the new Airbus A319, with large silvery "FRONTIER" captions on the sides of the plane, and the airline's motto "Spirit of the West", which was later modified to "A whole different animal".

Frontier launched a revised edition of this paintwork in April 2013[86] to keep the icons on the tail, but to drop their previous slogans and replace "FRONTIER" with "FLYFRONTIER". Frontier launched an upgraded paintwork[87] on 9 September 2014 as part of a re-branding in which the role of the spokesman increased. With the new paint scheme, a FRONTIER font was added to the hull that reproduces Saul Bass' stylised "F" for the 1978 Frontier.

At present, some twenty-five Frontier airplanes are equipped with the new paintwork. Frontier's Frontier brand management is also covered by the pet concept used in the paintwork. Penguins Jim, Joe, Jay and Gary, a hairdresser-style foursome that sings the praise of EarlyReturns to an audiences of Frontier's well-known figures from the "a whole different animal" initiative, Hector the otter, who promotes Frontier's growing services in Mexico, and Polly the Parrot, who won the new 2012 Animals Talk, are newcomers.

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