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Whales in flight

I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question, but I've tried to find a meaning behind the flying whale thing and the only thing that comes up are cool illustrations of them. Latest tweets of FLYING WHALES (@_FLYING_WHALES_): View the Gojira's From Mars to Sirius Flying Whales video for free and view the artwork, texts and related artists. Whales tab. flying from Gojira.

Bpifrance rock,CGI rock,france rock.

Bpifrance rock, CGI rock, France rock. Many thanks to @EPhilippePM to sign this massive funding for the LCA60T programme ! just do it..... Do you like to supply too much? Are you a team player? Let us know that you like what we do and that you bring in your best skills: talent we are looking for here (Paris-France): get in touch!


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Flying the Cetacean Together - Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine

Assystem Technologies has partnered with Flying Whales to create an advanced new blimp deck for carrying large payloads. LCA60T is developped by flying whales to move goods where the roads are inadequate or totally absent, namely in areas of the globe that are difficult to access and outlying. In 2016 and 2017 the privately financed projects strengthen the strength of the group.

Developing and constructing this aerial based system will make it possible to extract large quantities of wood from inland waters. LCA60T is a 150 metre long one and a half football-sized blimp with the altitude equal of a twelve-storey structure that can transport 60 tonnes in its holds or under the ceiling.

Therefore, Assystem Technologies has developed this cost-effective air freight system with flying whales, which is able to carry large quantities of large quantities of heavier material. LCA60T is a very cutting-edge product throughout the entire program. Asystem Technologies advised Flying Whales on the adaptation of an advanced added stereolithography technique to guarantee security.

"David Fiorina, Aerodefense VP, Assystem Technologies, comments: "This ensures and simplifies operation, which means less assembly times for the full blimp - which means greater efficiency. LCA60T aims at the large haulage and logistic markets in poorly developed states. AllSystem Technologies specializes in providing advanced products design and post-development solutions to customers in the aviation, defense, automotive, marine, manufacturing and financial industries.

Assystem Technologies generated sales of around one billion Euro in 2017.

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