Jet Ride along

Along the Jet Ride

USAF got a lot of publicity on the radio and the DJ was taken along and reported live from the event. There is no direct answer, but I would suggest that you contact a local airbase and find out if it has a program where civilians can get on a jet for a fee. jet set vets: This is the ultimative privat jet, carpool and packet concierge for pets.

The CNBC and the Daily Mail both ran an AP storyline called JetSetVets, America's only privately owned jet, ride and jet concierge jet company established by the famous veterinary Dr. Cindy Bressler, who has a home visit in New York and the Hamptons. She has also worked with veterinary surgeon Patrick Mahaney and Blue Star Jet from Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, a New York-based personal jet broker firm that claims to have a small, mid-size, large, or jet engine up and running in less than four to four hour time anywhere in the globe (they were even the object of a talk between Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas on Wall Street):

Veterinarians give medicines, alternate bandages, supervise injections and drops and take charge of the on-board health needs of a domestic animal and offer alternate treatment options such as accupuncture, massages and lasers. It will also be preparing pets for journeys, applying for documentation, providing a head cook on board to cook special snacks, and working with animal clinics in case of emergencies.

It also describes how a New York customer's kitten was found to have an oncology diagnosis and what kind of irradiation was only available in Colorado. The customer, his assistent, the sick kitten and her cat-like escort as well as Dr. Bressler made the journey there, but the cat's V.I.P. care did not stop there:

Inside the building, the feline businessman had the president's room remodelled to match his New York residence, and commissioned the building cooks to cooking his choice meal when therapy and irradiation care snapped her craving. He even had the cats' bedding brought to Colorado so that he knew about it.

Dr. Bressler went back to New York after 10 day with the kitten. And as you can see, the jet set sets come with a fairly high rate sign, as hiring a plane can be between $1,000 and $12,000 per hour, while veterinarians Bressler and Mahaney are charging $200 per hour. However, the jet set sets are not always as expensive as the JetSetVets. Or in other words, you must really like your pets and be really wealthy to use it!

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