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Property (in operation) / BBJ. For many of the people listed in Forbes, the spacious BBJ is the aircraft of choice. An interactive virtual tour of Boeing's corporate aircraft, the BBJ. You will love every flight you make on a Boeing BBJ private jet.

Boeing BBJ aircraft

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Boeing BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) is primarily a 737 passenger aircraft cell with modification for privately operated jets. BBJ1 is built on a 737-700 cell, with 737â800 features. BBJ2 and BBJ3 are built on the 737â800 and 737-900ER family.

BBJ MAX first flown by the Boeing

On April 16, Boeing successfully performed the maiden voyage of the BBJ MAX, the latest addition to the new BBJ 737 MAX family. It is a Boeing Commercial Airliner (BBJ) derivative, a unit of the US based company that is active in commercial aerospace and currently sells commercial models of the 737, 747-8 and 777.

Greg Laxton, Director of Boeing Business Jets, said: "We are delighted to see the first BBJ MAX flying after many phases of design. First BBJ MAX is built on the 737 MAX 8, the first member of the new MAX range, which was introduced to civil aircraft in May 2017. In contrast to the 737 MAX 8, which can carry 162 to 210 people, the BBJ MAX has a seating capacity of eight to 50 people.

Due to the lower number of passenger, the 737 will be able to cover longer routes. The BBJ MAX 8 has a reach of 12,297 km (6640 nm) with eight occupants, almost twice as much as the standard BBJ MAX 8. Boeing states that the independence of the corporate aircraft is greater since an additional petrol compartment is installed in the room normally reserved for the freight compartment in the merchant aircraft models.

BBJ MAX will be able to link remote towns such as large aircraft. This is one of the main causes why this aircraft outperformed its competitors last year with a four-to-one rating, Laxton said, citing the Airbus ACJ320 executive jumper. Boeing has so far won 19 orders for the BBJ MAX.

Deliveries of the new jets are scheduled for the end of this year.

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