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Take a look at our hourly car and van service. Booking a trip between any two points with the green shuttle! - Green Shuttle

Let's say you want to go from your Falmouth mansion, MA, to a New London boyfriend, CT. You can use our point-to-point reservation feature to input any two US locations and charge our fares. They also see the distance and approximate driving times according to the applicable road traffic restrictions.

Travelling long distance? Over 100 Mileage we also provide long haul fares that are more competitive than those listed on the website. Call us for over 100 nautical miles. Anytime. Do you need a vehicle for a particular occasion? Take a look at our one-hour auto and vans service.


For almost 13 years Paul has been operating a long-distance taxi service. So you can be sure that Paul is on schedule, in a tidy taxi, and all at great prices for long journeys! Whether you're heading out of Southern Indiana or Metro Louisville or need a taxi to one of our great towns, Paul can take you wherever you want.

He is very acquainted with Southern Indiana/Metro Louisville and the area. Whether you need a taxi that travels 20 mile or two HUNDRED MILS, Paul's Taxi Service is your best option! People used Paul's taxi to go to places like Gethsemane Abbey in Trappist Ky.

It is regarded as the "mother house" of all trappist convents in the USA and was established in 1848 directly in front of the historical Bardstown Ky. - Tour Bourbon Trail; home of the oldest operational still in the United States (based in Frankfurt, KY). The Bourbon Trail is also home to many interesting stills, wine estates and vineyard sites.

  • The Gethsemane Abbey of Trappist, Kentucky. - Visit the Federal Reserve or the General George Patton Museum of Leadership, both in Fort Knox, Kentucky. - The state capital of Kentucky, Frankfurt, is the government's legal centre. Frankfurt is steeped in tradition and is home to many historic buildings and galleries.

So, if you want to see one of the many stills on the Bourbon trail, Fort Knox Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky or even a long distance transport to St Louis Missouri, there is no place too far away for Paul's Taxi Service! Booking your taxi on-line or call Paul now!

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