Take a Ride in a Fighter Jet

Go for a ride on a fighter plane.

Think about smiling - we'll take a video and pictures of your experience. That is why we are extremely careful about safety and maintenance so that we can fly safely. What do you do to get a ride in a fighter plane?

A L-39 isn't a fighter. Thunderbird and Blue Angel amusement rides are PR activities for the posters - either they record locals at air shows they go to or they record members of society while they are at the home base to publish the newscast. Journeys on busyuty fighter vehicles are also much sought after, especially by the maintainers working on these planes.

There is little chance of getting off the road - even with an ANG or reserve vehicle - and getting a ride. When your money can't cope, there are several types of jet trainer like L-39s, Jet Provosts, T-33s, etc. that you can take with you according to the conditions.

As someone fortunate enough to be able to do these things regularly, I wish I had something to say about who was allowed to ride, but I do not. and I would like to take you with me... but obviously not.

I was just asking myself if anyone knew a backseat to take a ride. My estimate is I'll have to work to become a famous person or make a few million in available earnings and buy a ride:

What was the best way for a civil to get a shot at flying an F-18 (or similar) jet?

Two civilians in the Luftwaffe and one aviator ( 1 motor, IFR, 3000 hours). In T-38's he was flying from place to place and flying the airplane in the sky ("no takeoffs, landing or landings"). There are some shows with privately owned planes, but it won't be F-18s.

Directly with the army, no, you can't. But there are many groups of warbirds, museum and flight club that run trainings like the L-39 Albatross, L-29 Delfin, T-33 Shooting Star and veteran aircraft like the Hawker Hunter, F-86, MiG-15/17, Vampire, etc.... Several of these groups offer trips that you can plan in advance.

There' s a Russian firm named MiGflug that runs a MiG-29UB (or two) and I think for $12,000 you can drive a MiG-29. L-39, T-33 and L-29 amusement rides are most likely to be found in the USA, while Europe is the place where you will find more of the classic jet.

Thus yes, you can get a ride in a training force or a first force person, but be finished enlisted man citizen unit, not the force. As a rule, the army does not provide trips for civilists. Damn, they don't sell them to a lot of guys in the army. Several of them are just practical...it's costly, so every plane generally has a certain use, and there aren't that many two-seater combatants in use.

Blue Angels and Thunderbirds demonstration crews fly with the media and prominent people for promotional reasons, so whatever you do for a livelihood, that might be a way in. In Prague, Czech Republic, you can find flyers for your L39 Albatros jet training in the Hotellobby.

EXCLUSION: I wasn't at a Blue Angels show, and I've never done a plane before. On some Blue Angels Naval Flight Demonstration shows they give some plain-clothes enthusiasts the opportunity to take one of the experienced pilot on a flight (at least sitting in the cockpit).

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