Taxi car Driving

Driving a taxi by car

Take taxis through traffic. Get in your car, pick up passengers, earn money and buy better taxis. Get in your car, pick up passengers, earn money and buy better taxis.

Take a Mountain City Taxi car: Taxi Hill Car Game

Take a taxi through a lovely town, and take to the streets at breakneck speeds to simulate the driving sensation. It is your obligation, as the legendary taxi rider, to take a taxi across a zigzag winding Bergstrasse. Choose your passenger in the way you want them to travel and leave them at their desired destination.

A never -ending voyage of simulations began as you installed this free driving and driving Taxi Taxi Car game: Watch Hill Taxi Games like a racing driver on a high mountaintop. In order to take a taxi around the hill, you have to show some brave driving ability.

Driving your Bergtaxi today and simulate your driving adventure with a simulated undulating street. Apply a boost to the car motor and act like a true driver to slow down the scoreboard and act like a true sport car driver. Prevent the vehicles from hitting the hills and do not fall from the high summits of the mountains.

Demonstrate your driving expertise and make more and more profit by getting a passenger to their destinations on schedule and getting an additional treat or tip from travellers by gambling taxi whale and earning taxi moneys. Mountain Taxi Legend offers you a true driving experience with an extremely mad ride.

Therefore we get ourselves prepared for an extrem Roadtrip with a genuine simulation of taxi driving. Choose a passenger from the curved street and take him to his desired location. The Drive Mountain Taxi Legend is not just a ride and dropping or taxi driving simulation in one. Just take Mountain Taxi Car:

The Hill Taxi Games also offer you a breathtaking experience with a lot of extremely mad drifts. Therefore, float your mad taxi over rolling streets and crisp curves of the hill and prevent damaging your taxi by dropping from the high heights. Go quietly and indulge in an Apic taxi driving on your driving equipment.

Don't neglect to evaluate us if you become a true taxi driving legend. What do you think? PlayDrive Mountain Taxi Car: How to Play Taxi Mountain Games: Touch Velocity and take a taxi like a true taxi driver myth. Type forward and backward to steer the taxi around the mountain. Touch the brakes to squash the tires of the urban vehicle.

Drive Taxi Car Mountain: Find Taxi Gaming Features: Genuine taxi driving simulations on undulating highways. Stylish feature set with hd-graphics and true driving pleasure. Take a hike along a wacky alpine route. First class driving adventure with an extrem Roadtrip. Listen to genuine and wacky sounds to give your taxi some excitement.

DEN Gamer is offering you this highly interesting Drive Mountain Taxi Car: Take a ride in one of the Drive Taxi Games as it brings you to the fairytale-like fields and hillside valley stations of the lovely mountains:

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