Official Rome Taxi

Formal Rome Taxi

Be sure to always use an official taxi approved by the city of Rome. In Rome, how do you take a taxi? TOP: A minitaxi near the Spanish Steps. Although some may even have some kind of badge with the inscription "Taxi", you can be sure that these people are not official taxi drivers.


Get a cab operator on the phone. Number 06060609 is the only number where you can call a taxi. You can find a listing of the 65 taxi stands in Rome and more information about the services at The taxi cabs approved by the City Council of Rome are painted red and have a "TAXI" label on their canopies.

You can see the Rome City Council icon on the front door and the licence on the back to your right. Unauthorised drivers can drive other cars and the price could therefore be significantly higher. If possible, it is recommended to go to a taxi stand or call him by phone.

Radiotaxi can be used to book a taxi for an airport, train station or airport. 06060609 is the number of the Rome Council where you can call for a taxi. In order to be able to reach the closest taxi station, an automated voice mail (in Italian only) requires that the district number be dialed from the call.

  • Tariffs for gradual taximeters are applied throughout the community and are based on a unitary base based on kilometers driven and times accrued for each trip; - tariffs are no higher than the rate of annually accrued rate of return published by the National Statistical Office (Istat); - tariffs are discounted for overnight travel by single woman, as well as for trips to hospital and for teenagers who leave the disco on Friday and Saturday evenings, if previously agreed with the relevant clubs.

Ticket details: ADJUST TARIFF: ONE-HOUR RATES: ONLY PROGRESSIVE TAXI-METER PRICES: When T1 is changed to ?2, an amount of 11 is added to the originally adjusted price on the meter reading; from this point on, the second price (T2= 1.30) starts until the meter displays an additional amount of 13; from this point on, the third price (T£= 1.60) starts until the end of the trip.

Discounts of 10% on the amount indicated on the taximeter apply in the following cases: - for young people who leave the disco on Friday and Saturday evenings, by arrangement with the relevant group. NUAL INFORMATION - Make sure the taximeter (above the instrument panel or at the top of the windshield) is turned on before driving, if not, ask the rider to start it.

Vouchers must contain the following information: trip information, registration number, ticket price and the driver's name. - Taxi riders may not deny boarding; they may not choose a passenger; they may not transport more than the number of persons indicated in the vehicle's log book; they must calculate the amount indicated by the meter, with the exception of those sections for which a flat rate applies; they must require the passenger to wear their safety belt if they have not done so.

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