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Getting around the world for a year at $18,000 (or less!) The contribution may include affilate link, which means if you make a buy through one of these link, I can get a small fee (at no additional charge to you!). This is the first jubilee of my worldtour! However, one of the questions I often hear is: How much does a world tour costs?

So how much does it really costs to go around the world for a year? And here is how I did it, how I financed it, how I kept it, how I kept saving and where it took me... in detail. The My Round the World tour with the visiting states. Farewell to my New York City lifestyle, I launched my RTW 9 month in advance and with less cash than anticipated.

With $16,000 in the cash, my $16,000 in my account, my $16,000 in my account, my $16,000 in my name. Yup, I have that too... My initial idea was to go in June 2012 with at least 24,000 dollars and without getting your own check. Admittedly, these three month have been financially pleasant, as working with BTB has greatly assisted me, and trips to the USA and PR are very convenient for me thanks to my relatives and acquaintances.

Again I was in the Middle East to go to Jordan, partly in cooperation with Visiting Jordan. After that I went back to Egypt and Israel (for a longer time). So I took the opportunity to extend an Etihad trip to the UAE for free so I could go and see the land for a few extra nights.

Coming from Turkey I began the mad Eurail journey that took me to 24 different nations over the next 3 years. My stay in Europe ended and I lived for a whole week in Milan (an appartment for 400 dollars a month). Working with Eurail contributed to reducing the price of rail ticket to just booking expenses (around $200), and working with Visit Norway USA and Blogville Emilia Romagna was also a big help.

Having it with India and not being in the temper to put up with it for the 3 initial moths I wanted to remain there, I shortened my journey to give myself a well-deserved (and relaxing!) holiday with my families and my buddies back in Puerto Rico.

But the journey isn't over yet! Right now I'm in Puerto Rico, my home state, but in a few short flights I'm flying to New York, Belize, and will soon be flying back to Milan, where I want to stay a few month before I move to my next goal (which looks like it's going to be Southeast Asia again!).

I extend my RTW journey indefinitely (maybe a few month, maybe another year... who knows...). Now, the overall costs of everything are as follows: Overall costs could have been lower if I had been a little stricter on some expenses, but they could also have been much higher if I had not worked with the above tourist businesses.

If we get $349 a state. Perhaps you have realized that the journey costs more than my initial life saving. More than a year ago I posted an article about all the things I did to help me get an $1,000 a year saving on a monthly basis. Now, in additon to my saving, I financed the journey with small architectonic appearances (very small) where I either made small drafts that didn't need my full involvement in the design, or simply created small drafts to help with each one.

I also made some cash through advertisements on the website and through referrals or affilate remarketing. One good example is my Travel Gear page, where I keep a record of everything I wear on this RTW. I worked for a while on extra Niche pages (remember the Travel Niche Challenge where I did the travel insurance for Backpackers. net site?

This definitely help me make some cash through Google Adsense and earning some commissions, but in the end, the amount of work they needed vs. the cash vs. the amount of work I wanted to do on the real street and not on the computer all the while, let me fall them as project for now.

But it'?ll take a while. I have also, if my leisure allows, made a little money by doing trip hacking with FlightFox, a website that gets the best trip pickers to vie for the lowest fare (and earn them a small fee when their trip is awarded). Notice: I no longer use hacks for FlightFox, but I still suggest them as a tool to find low cost airfares.

Travelling to hack is a great help if you want to conserve your time. Whilst Journey hacking has not brought any cash into my pockets, I can say that points/miles are also a kind of currency. A further type of traveller Hacking that I've done in conjunction with Flightfox is using the Traveller Packing Cartel subscription, where they constantly send me the latest offers for earning miles/points for stupid things like completing a poll (750 points for it!), signing up for the "X" subscription services, getting a new debit cards (up to 100,000 points for it!) or other e-mails.

Offers are varying all the while, but every now and then you come up with something that helps to significantly increase your mileage without having to spend it. A further way of travelling Hacking that I (very!) used was the free layout technology. The majority of airline companies allow you to prolong a stay in their hubs from a few nights to one year.

So I could go between the technical distinations free of cost to the "Hub Country"! Been looking for good quality corporate traveller credits (Citibank AAdvantage Visa for US dollars and Capital One Venture for all other currencies as they do not levy fees for overseas transactions). Every dollars I spent (on both cards) I earned 1 mile/point, which is in turn spent on either getting free tickets or paying the rest for each travel-related purchase.

Those maps were very practical to conserve time. Another map that saved me cash is the Charles Schwab checking account. Ah. So I did a great deal of couchsurfing while I was in Europe (see this article about couchsurfing around the world), spending the night with my buddies and sleeping in low priced hotels.

I have found that Airbnb is the best resource when it comes to flat/room rental due to its wide range and price range. Here you get your balance. If not absolutely necessary or logistics clever (monetary), I always travelled over land. Busses and trams are very inexpensive in most parts of the world, especially if they are the kind of transport the natives use.

And as already noted, the collaboration between the blogs and tour operators or tourist associations has had a beneficial effect on savings. Now, I think that's kind of the whole economic side of my itinerant year. It may have taken almost 18,000 dollars to make the journey, but the lifelong experiences and memoirs are simple... FREE.

Hopefully you'll be enjoying it and letting yourself go around the world! I' m going on my world tour early next year, but it won't be done the way I planned it. RECEIVE ADDITIONAL HINTS AND SUGGESTIONS THROUGH THE MONTHLY NEWSLETTERS TO BEGIN A LIFETIME OF TRAVELLING.

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